How to Build a Website for Consultants with WordPress

If you are just starting off in the world of consultancy, creating your own website can be a daunting task. Your consultancy website should represent you and your brand, impress visitors and win you clients. So what should you include in your WordPress website to help your business reach the top of its game? In

Quick and Simple SEO Tactics for Your WordPress Website

Ranking at the top of the first page on Google is the dream for the majority of website owners. But with the advice online about SEO being totally overwhelming, where do you start if you want your WordPress website to rank well in the search engines? In this article, we look at actionable tasks that

How to Build a Successful Freelancer Website with WordPress

As a freelancer, it is essential your website makes a good first impression. Often potential business will come from clients finding your website online. Even if clients hear of your services, they are likely to check out your website first, before making contact with you. Therefore, having a website that is professional, looks good, and

How to Make a Living From Your Blog

Are you looking for realistic possibilities that will help you to monetize your WordPress website? Well look no further, because in this article we will consider the numerous ways you can make a living from your blog. Here we will consider affiliate marketing, advertising on your blog, publishing sponsored posts, selling digital and physical products,

Why You Should Consider Creating a Membership Site

A membership site can be an effective way to generate revenue, create a community, and support your customers and clients. Whether you are just starting your WordPress website or thinking about converting an existing site into a membership site, this article will help give you a clear idea of what running a membership site entails.

Choosing a WordPress Page Builder? 3 Top Plugins

Have you ever bought a WordPress theme and then been immediately frustrated by the lack of flexibility in its design options? If you answered yes then it is time that you considered using a WordPress page builder. In this article we will look at exactly what a page builder plugin is and consider the criteria

What is a WordPress Content Locker and Why you Should Be Using One

Using a content locker on your WordPress website can be an effective way to grow your email list, gain followers and have your content shared on social media, and even increase your site’s revenue. But what exactly is a content locker, and what plugin should you use to set one up on your site? In