Premium WordPress Plugins

You will find all the best premium WordPress plugins here. These are the WordPress plugins worth paying for as they give your website the advanced features or functionality you’re looking for, and help you really take your WordPress website to the next level.

16 WordPress Plugins to Restrict Content Access

Restrict Content Pro - The Best Membership Plugin for WordPress

Great content can make you good money. People will also be willing to pay for great content. There’s no doubt that high quality content will help bring large numbers of visitors to your website. Once you have a sizeable audience for your website, the next big issue is how you… [Read More]

Support Ticket, Live Chat & FAQ Plugins For WordPress


[Editor’s note: If you run a business you’ll no doubt need to answer customer inquires and provide consumer support on your website. If your websites runs on WordPress there are plenty of plugins available to help you make these tasks easier. In this article Vishnu Supreet takes a look at… [Read More]

18 Advertising Management Solutions & Plugins For WordPress


Good websites can make good income, if you know how to monetize your website properly. It could be through Google Adsense, affiliate links, or selling conventional banners ads on your site. That being said, there are a number of ways you can display advertisements on your website. If your website… [Read More]

10 Top Security Plugins for WordPress


Security is of utmost importance for all websites but especially for business websites. WordPress by and large is a secure Content Management System with very few vulnerabilities in the security department. Yet if you run a successful website or a widely read blog, chances are you might be targeted by… [Read More]