Best Alternatives to Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Although definitely the most well known and downloaded SEO plugin, Yoast SEO isn’t the only WordPress SEO solution available. There are in fact numerous other alternatives to Yoast SEO plugin that you can use on your WordPress website. Let’s find out about a few of the best…

In this article, we will look in depth at a variety of SEO plugins that will all help optimize your content for the search engines. We will consider the features and functionalities that each plugin offers, enabling you to choose a plugin that best fits with your WordPress website.

All in One SEO Pack

All in one SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is one of many alternatives to Yoast SEO plugin and it has been created to optimize your WordPress website for search engines. It’s easy to setup and use, working straight out of the box. This makes it an ideal plugin for beginners and those who are working under stringent time restraints. For advanced users, All in One SEO offers a range of advanced features and an API for developers.

For everyday use, this plugin is very straightforward. Like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack encourages users to add an SEO title, keywords, and description for each post or page. You can also fill out social settings, so if shared on social media your content will display the appropriate details. By always completing these details before you publish a page or post, your content will be in the best position to rank well in Google, and other search engines.

This powerful plugin also has many automatic features that are aimed at optimizing each page and custom post type of your WordPress website. Titles are automatically optimized for search engines, META tags are automatically generated, and Google is automatically notified of any changes to your site.

Other Features of All in One SEO Pack Include…

  • XML Site Map Support
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Support
  • Built in API
  • SEO Integration for eCommerce Sites (including WooCommerce)

An impressive all-round solution, All in One SEO Pack is available for free from the WordPress repository.

All in One SEO Pack also offers a Pro version. This includes its most recent features and advanced tools as well as further WooCommerce support, a video SEO module, and SEO for categories, tags, and custom taxonomies. Available for just $97, if you are currently using the free plugin and are looking to upgrade the functionality, then the Pro version is an ideal step up.



SEOPressor is a well-rounded tool, covering all key areas of your SEO needs. This plugin contains a host of customization and optimization features, all designed to control and improve your site’s SEO. Gain insights into your website’s SEO, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to optimize your website.

SEOPressor analyzes data from your site and gives suggestions on how to improve any aspects that should be, but are not yet, optimized. Add keywords, fix broken links, and generally find out how to improve your website with actionable tasks across the board. This will help improve your user experience, time on page and ultimately your site’s rankings.

On-page analysis helps emulate the way Google ranks a website. Optimize for multiple keywords, readability, and more. This will help increase the likeliness of getting your content discovered and ranked by the search engines.

Other Features of SEOPressor Include…

  • Progressive LSI Keyword Analysis
  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • Canonical Link
  • Crawler Control (control how the search engines crawlers navigate your site)
  • Local SEO (maximize your exposure for local searches)

SEOPressor will keep your site constantly updated for SEO. From just $9 a month, this is a solution that is worth serious consideration.

SEO Ultimate Plus

SEO Ultimate Plus

SEO Ultimate Plus is another of the premium alternatives to Yoast SEO plugin that will allow you to add open graphs, schema, rich snippets, and much more to your WordPress website. Add structured markup quickly and easily without coding, helping to rank your content in the search engines.

SEO Ultimate Plus is extremely easy to use, streamlining your SEO process and enabling you to manage all aspects of the plugin from one central dashboard. Posts and pages can be optimized on-page, where detailed options enable you to enhance your content. Images can also be quickly optimized en masse too, with SEO Ultimate’s ‘Alt Attribute’ mass editor.

An SEO Ultimate Plus feature particularly worth a mention is the support provided with this plugin. Premium one-to-one support will enable you to diagnose and fix problems quickly, as they arise. Detailed training videos and documentation is also provided, helping you get the most out of this powerful plugin.

Other Features of SEO Ultimate Plus Include…

  • 404 Monitor
  • HTML and XML Sitemaps
  • Code Inserter+ (add scripts to any post, page or post types)
  • Meta Robots Tags Editor
  • Global Canonical Management

SEO Ultimate Plus is available to purchase from just $49, a great price for a plugin packing so many features and functionalities.

SEO by Squirrly

Suirrly SEO

Squirrly is a free and premium alternative to Yoast SEO plugin. It boasts that it will help you write content that is SEO friendly and also human-friendly. This will strike a positive chord with any writer who has had to spend time dumbing down their writing to ensure they get a green light on the Yoast readability scoring.

This visual plugin is great for beginners, or those with smaller blogs or business websites, as it offers suggestions and advice on how to improve your content for SEO. Optimize your work in real time whilst editing with Squirrly’s green light system. Find keywords that your audience are actively searching for. And receive a weekly report on your WordPress website’s analytics and SEO performance to see what’s working and what still needs to be improved.

Premium Squirrly Features Include…

  • SEO Settings Remain (Squirrly won’t override SEO settings from previous plugins)
  • Analytics for Every Article
  • Copyright Free Images Included
  • Headline Suggestions
  • Email Alerts

The Squirrly Pro plan starts from $19 a month. This is aimed at larger sites who are looking for the more advanced SEO features. If you are considering purchasing this plugin, you can try out the Lite version first to see if it suits your needs, then upgrade when you are ready.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are some great feature-rich SEO plugins available that are good alternatives to Yoast SEO plugin. So if you are looking for something different to Yoast SEO, you won’t be disappointed with the alternatives.

Which SEO plugin do you think will be a best fit with your WordPress website? Please share your thoughts in the comments below…

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