Premium WordPress Theme Shops with Lifetime Membership Packages

A number of premium WordPress theme shops offer unlimited lifetime membership packages. These lifetime access deals can be great value. They give you complete access to a shop’s entire collection of premium WordPress themes, all future theme releases, updates, support, and sometime even premium plugins also, for a one-time payment. There are no recurring yearly or

How to Setup Your WordPress Site for Local Search

Select your favorite search engine and type in the name or topic of a business. If there’s a business in your area with that name or topic, the search will show you some unique results. If you’re allowing your browser to use your current location you’ll see companies that are near your present location with

Premium and Free Material Design WordPress Themes

This is a collection of the best premium and free Material Design WordPress themes. So what exactly is Material Design? Material Design is a visual interface design developed by Google “that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science”. While the definition and continually evolving spec documentation

The Best Wedding WordPress Themes

Looking for a beautiful WordPress wedding theme? This is a collection of the best wedding WordPress themes. These stylish themes will allow you to build a wedding website quickly, easily and cheaply. You will be able to inform everyone about your upcoming wedding with all the details, share your wedding memories and permanently archive your

How to Get Premium WordPress Themes for Less Than $1

“Premium WordPress themes for $1”. That was the search term used in Google that brought a visitor to this site just recently. In bemusement I wondered what type of cheapskate thinks they can buy a premium WordPress theme for one dollar. Come on, only 1 dollar for a premium WordPress theme. The notion was laughable.