10 Alternative Commenting Systems for WordPress


The comment system is an important part of a WordPress website. Gone are the days where readers just read and leave. They want to voice their opinions and have their say. Comments provide social proof of the value of your site and bring readers into the conversation. Your site can… [Read More]

Themify Turns 5 – Get 40% Off


Themify is celebrating 5 years in business and offering a 40% discount on all purchases (excluding Lifetime Maser Club membership) with coupon code HIGH5. Themify has grown over the last 5 years to become one of the most popular and respected WordPress shops around with a great collection of premium… [Read More]

Create a WordPress Staging Site with WP Stagecoach


If you’re looking for a safe way to develop or work on your WordPress website so you can make changes and see the results without effecting your live website you should consider using a staging site. What Is A Staging Site? A staging site is a fully functional independent clone… [Read More]

ThemeHunk – Handsome, Strong, Well-Developed WordPress Themes?


ThemeHunk – strong, handsome, well developed, sexually attractive man umm WordPress themes? Theme Hunk is a rather peculiar name for a theme shop. With so many theme companies these days finding a good domain name must be getting difficult. ThemeHunk is an Indian based theme shop that launched in August… [Read More]

How to Add a Forum to Your WordPress Website


Adding a forum is a great way to build a community around your WordPress website. Forums are a great way to build and maintain traffic. They build a social network on your platform where users can interact, create content, help each other, share information, build long-tale traffic, and share content… [Read More]