Prevent Direct Access Gold

Prevent Direct Access Gold protects your hard-to-produce documents, e-books and videos effectively. Once protected, unauthorized users will not be able to access and download these files. They will be redirected to 404 error page when trying to view and download these protected files using their original links.

The plugin also blocks Google and other search engines from indexing your protected files. As a result, their original URLs won’t appear on search results anymore. This stops people from finding your protected files through search. What’s more, all logged-in users or only specific roles can be set to access these confidential files.

Prevent Direct Access Gold generates private download links so that users can share their protected files with their members, potential customers and friends. These private download links can set to expire within a number of days or clicks, which helps prevent people from sharing private files with others.

The Gold version price starts from just $4.9/month. You can also extend its functionality with our extensions.

  • Protect unlimited WordPress files & all file types
  • Block Google & Search Engines from indexing your protected files
  • Grant access to these private files by user roles
  • Create unlimited expiring download links