Free or Premium WordPress Theme – Which is Best?

There are pros and cons to using both free or premium WordPress themes. Although my personal preference is always to opt for a premium theme, it is undoubtable there are some great free WordPress themes available. And also some not so great premium ones. When selecting a free or premium WordPress theme, always consider your

How to Take Bookings on your WordPress Website

The general public is becoming more and more comfortable with making and paying for bookings online. If you run a business where taking a booking is a necessary transaction, it is important that your website can cater for this particularity. If you are looking to set up a reservation or booking facility on your WordPress website,

How to Create Successful Landing Pages for your WordPress Website

Most online businesses use landing pages. They can be extremely successful at capturing leads and increasing sales. However, they can also be very ineffective if not designed and setup correctly. If you are still to create a landing page for your site, or you aren’t happy with the results of your current landing pages, then

8 Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Creating an attractive and eye-catching portfolio on your website can be an effective way to showcase your work to prospective employers or clients. Display your eCommerce products, photographs, images or videos in unique and stunning portfolios. This will demonstrate what you can do, and help your business stand out from the crowd. In this article we

How to Convert Visitors Leaving Your Website into Customers

When a visitor exits your site there is no guarantee you will ever see them again. Or is there? In actual fact, there are many ways to convert leaving visitors into lifetime customers. So if this isn’t something you have yet considered in detail, then it’s time to read on. In this article we look

How to Share WordPress Posts Automatically on Social Media

Posting interesting, engaging and eye catching content on social media, on the right channels at the right time, is an extensive and hugely time consuming job. Luckily, this is something that can now be automated. There are numerous WordPress plugins and solutions available that will automatically post your content out on social media. In this

Top Tips for Using Twitter Effectively

Creating a strong community on Twitter can be extremely beneficial for online businesses. You can keep in contact with your potential customers, promote your brand, reach a wider audience, collect leads and drive traffic to your site. However, using Twitter can be time-consuming, and there are no guaranteed rewards for your hard work. In this

10 Top WordPress Form Builder Plugins

An attractive yet reliable WordPress form plugin is an essential part of a successful website. An effective forms builder plugin enables you to engage with your visitors, encourage communication, set up subscription and payment forms, and lots more besides. So which WordPress forms plugin should you be using? In this article we will look at the