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Pretty Link Pro

Pretty Link Pro is a powerful link cloaking and redirection WordPress plugin that makes it easy to shorten, cloak, redirect, track, organise, share, and test all your links on your own domain and server. If you’re a professional blogger, run an affiliate website and need to clean up / mask your affiliate links, or you just want a better way to manage and take full control of your valuable links Pretty Link is a fantastic premium WordPress plugin to use.

Manage, Shorten, and Track Links

The Pretty Link Pro plugin gives you all the tools to you need to manage your links in a central place for all your affiliate links, email campaign links, social media links, redirects or any other link you want. You can shorten links and have you own custom link slugs. You can no-follow / no index links, delay redirection, have double redirection and create link groups. It also has tools to search, sort and track the number of clicks of your links. It provides a reporting interface where you can see a configurable chart of clicks per day. This report can be filtered by the specific link clicked, date range, and/or unique clicks. Tracking can be integrated with Google Analytics so you have detailed information on how, when, where and who is clicking your links.

Link Cloaking and Redirection

The Pretty Link plugin gives you the option of a number of different ways to redirect links. It allows you to do traditional server side redirects including permanent (301) and temporary (302/307) redirects. It also gives you options to employ more advanced forms of redirects including Javascript-Based, Meta-Refresh, and Framed Cloak Redirection. In addition Pretty Link Pro has two other innovative redirect options: the “Pretty Bar” and tracking pixels. Pretty Bar is a customisable bar that once people click one of your links, sits on top of the external site and reminds people of your brand and a way to easily get back to your site again. Pretty Links Pro also gives you the option to use your Pretty Links as tracking pixels to track conversions, email opens or anything else you want.

Keyword Replacement and Automation

Pretty Link has a keyword replacement tools where you can automatically add relevant links to your blog posts and pages for specific keywords or key phrases where you would like your links to appear. The plugin will automatically analyse the content of your site and replace these keywords with links. It works for new and old posts and you have complete complete control over what links show up for what keywords, how many can be replaced per post, how these links will appear and where they are replaced.

Link Split Testing

A fantastic feature of Pretty Link Pro is the ability to split test your links to optimise your affiliate commissions. You can split test links and auto rotate links with the ability to have a link redirected to up to 5 different target urls.

Link Sharing

Pretty Link has some innovative features for sharing your links. It can create short links for all of your pages and posts and automatically tweet a customizable message to as many Twitter accounts as you want when a post is published. You can also add social badges to your posts and track how they are being shared.

Link Management Page
link management page

Individual Link Page and Options
add pretty link

Track Hits and other Stats About Your Link Usage
track links

Pretty Link Pro Features

Redirection Types

  • Temporary (302/307) Redirection
  • Permanent (301) Redirection
  • Cloaked Redirection
  • Pretty Bar Redirection
  • Javascript Redirection
  • Meta Refresh Redirection
  • Tracking Pixel Redirection


  • Custom Link Slugs
  • Automatic Link Titling
  • Link Groups
  • Create Nofollow / Noindex Links
  • Forward Parameters
  • Simple Click Counting
  • Detailed Click Reporting
  • Export Click Database
  • Robot Filtering
  • Pretty Link Bookmarklet
  • Customizable Pretty Link Bookmarklet
  • Alternate Base URL
  • Conversion Reports
  • Delayed Redirection
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Double Redirection
  • Automatically Generate QR Codes


  • Keyword Replacement
  • URL Replacement
  • Automatically Create Links for Pages & Posts
  • URL Rotations
  • Import Links
  • Export Links
  • Split Testing


  • Auto Tweet Pretty Links for Pages and Posts
  • Tweet Badge for Pages and Posts
  • Social Sharing Button Bar for Pages and Posts
  • Twitter Comments for Pages and Posts
  • Public Link Creation

There are two versions of Pretty Link – a lite version available to download for free in the WordPress.org plugins repository, and a Pro Version which is a significant upgrade and has a lot more tools and redirection types. Pretty Link Pro comes in a Blogger edition for $37, or a Developer Edition for $97. Check all the plugin’s features and download Pretty Link Pro.


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