WordPress and Tumblr: The Fairy Tale

wordpress and tumblr

Once upon a time, in the electric island of Blogosphere grew the sibling rivalry of WordPress and Tumblr.

Brother and sister they were, their methods for digital ink created quite a stir. WordPress believed in complexity and expansion indeed, while Tumblr wanted to simplify the speed. Tumblr had her vision for everyone to use, every teenage girl could post her Twilight fanfic views. WordPress desired robust customization with a learning curve to match and the rewards of search engine optimization to latch. Neither was wrong, neither was right. It was the users choice to decide what they would use to write.

Show and Tell

The day of show and tell came, and Tumblr had set herself up to look as prettiest as can be quite a catch was she. However, nobody could find her on Google search. No matter how pretty she was, only other Tumblrs could Tumble upon her work, and reblog her vision. Many different templates she had to wear, each more beautiful than the last, but if nobody was around to see her template, did it really exist? If a blog falls on Google, and nobody is around to read it.. Does it exist?

It was WordPress’ turn to show off his skills. He hit the stage with fury and a barrage of technical impressions were made, truly limitless potential to his platform were known. He could reach the top of Google rankings in mere days with good enough optimization. Caught talking about himself as he had been known to do, WordPress turned to the crowd and noticed their glazed over expressions.

Had he rushed his presentation or had his fellow bloggers been overwhelmed by the variety of options he had prepared in his helm. Instead of just focusing on his content, WordPress had made it a goal of making the blogger into a mini webmaster of sorts, and editing one more stylesheet and HTML seemed long and a bore. Writing alone seemed like a chore, but now they could do anything. And with the option to do everything comes the opposite feeling of wanting to do nothing at all.

WordPress had some pretty templates he wore, but most of all they were focused more on his blog being found than aesthetics. At first glance WordPress did not have much to offer without getting to know him further.

Tumblr had managed to wow the audience with its beauty and simplicity, you could start writing immediately without any prior knowledge. Many bloggers on the electric island cared not to learn further, they admired Tumblrs visual delight and had already made their decision.

The Date

Getting into Tumblrs’ heart was as easy as can be. Simply setup an account and you were all ready. Write to your heart’s content. Just don’t expect to be the first to have been consent. Images, videos, and quotes lay jumbled all over the place on Tumblr, jubilation to the first degree. A ritual celebration of the scant, the proud and hedonism delight. More reblogs than actual blogging occurred. Had Tumblr been too easy to use?

Digging into WordPress foundations lay a complex individual, easy to setup but difficult to tame. WordPress did not want to commit, he stayed at his parents place, the .orgs, until ready to move out to his own domain. WordPress believed that the one was coming and she would learn to understand his nature, and unlock the keys to his knowledge and abilities. If one wanted to pass the test, she would first have to pass the test of WordPress’ mother the Captcha. If Captcha allowed you to pass, you were ready to begin your blogging career with ole WordPress anew.

The Decision

The day came to decide which blogging platform you would use. WordPress and Tumblr had both made their case on who you should choose. No matter which, both had their pros and cons, its up to you to decide who you will work around. Work hard to discover the mystery behind WordPress secretive nature, or dive in to an open beautiful Tumblr who’ll accept anything you say or write, no prior knowledge needed in sight. Then you can begin a magical blogging journey, full of twists and turns, and maybe some Google Adsense to finance your blogging returns.

The End.

Till next time I’m Nir Regev, your standup comedian here at PremiumWP. See more of my stuff at: BroScience.org.


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