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Remix EditorThe Remix Editor plugin from WP Remix is an innovative new plugin that allows dynamic codes and template editing in the WordPress Editor. The plugin adds to the power of the WP Remix Theme which is a highly flexible, feature rich theme that transforms WordPress into a content management system (CMS).

Features of the remix editor plugin include:

  • Editing Custom Page Templates – the Remix Editor plugin allows the user to insert sample page templates in wp-editor and then edit it just like editing normal pages.
  • Using Custom Page Templates Multiple Times – overcomes the problem of not being able to use the custom page template multiple times, and provides the ability to use page templates unlimited times.
  • Insert XHTML codes, and keep them intact – overcomes the problem of xhml codes being converted into plain text when re-editing in wp-editor’s code view mode.
  • Insert and Execute PHP codes from wp-editor – overcomes the problem of PHP code being converted into normal text in the wp-editor.

How to get Remix Editor Plugin
At the moment the Remix Editor plugin is not for sale, and is only available with the purchase of a WP Remix theme package. However development is underway on the next version of Remix Editor plugin for WordPress which will work with every kind of theme, giving the option to add almost every kind of layout block inside page templates and blog posts.

For more information about the Remix Editor plugin and the WP Remix Theme visit WP Remix.

UPDATE: WP Remix is no longer available


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  1. I bought the WP Remix theme, but didn’t get the plugin. Where can I get it?

  2. @ Joe, I suggest you contact the creator of the theme where you bought it at

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