Irresistible WordPress Theme

Irresistible is a nice personal blog style WordPress theme with a bit of a multimedia focus from WooThemes.



  • Theme options page
  • Integrated banner ad management
  • Seamlessly integrated video player
  • Widgetized sidebar, with some Irrestible-specific custom widgets to allow you full control of what happens in your sidebar
  • 9 different colour schemes

Price: Free
Demo & Release Page

Woo Themes also have an excellent selection of high quality premium WordPress themes covering a wide variety of niches ranging from business, CMS, magazine / news, portfolio, lifestream, multimedia and personal blog designs.

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7 replies to Irresistible WordPress Theme

  1. any idea how i can get the video widget to work cheers, xx

  2. aaron,
    i dont how to get the video to work either!
    if you make any progress lemme know please

  3. Yeah,
    I can’t get it to work either – anyone? tagging it with “Video” isn’t working.


  4. Make sure that you tag it “Video” and that you copy and paste the embed code in to your posts page that says: “Irresistable Custom Settings > Embed Code” As long as you don’t have the Disable Video option checked in the themes options that should be all that’s necessary.

    That’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s very nicely done, WooThemes does great work.

  5. I also had problem with making video widget working, but I manage to fix this by:
    – deleting current “video” tag (if you have one already)
    – adding new “Video” tag (first letter uppercase), with “video” slug (I had video-2 slug before)
    – addining Video tag for post where embed video is)

  6. This is really stupid… I have tried everything to get my video working again and nothing seems to work. I added the code for “blogged” to a text widget and added that to the sidebar… ever since then my categories are not working and neither are my tags! And what’s more… if you want help from WooThemes, you have to PAY them for it even though it is a free theme, really, really incredibly frustrating! I really don’t like this company anymore. Seems like they are only out for the money.

  7. @ Janita Ras – WooThemes is a commercial theme company who have generously offered this premium quality theme for free. What is incredibly frustrating is when people do not value other people time and expect everything for free!

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