Hermes Themes – New WordPress Shop for Premium Hotel Themes

Hermes Themes

Hermes Themes is a brand new WordPress themes shop that specialise in creating premium WordPress themes for hotels. The niche theme shop is focusing on developing modern, professional and user friendly WordPress themes for hotels, guest houses, hostels, inns, B&Bs, resorts and other small and medium sized businesses in the hospitality industry.

Dumitru Brinzan is the founder and lead developer of Hermes Themes. Dumitru has over 7 years of experience in the hotel / travel industry and a wealth of experience with WordPress. He is also the co-founder and developer at WPZOOM who have been creating beautiful, high quality premium WordPress themes since 2008, so you can be sure the new themes from Hermes Themes will be of the same high standard.

Hermes Themes have launched with three great looking, modern hotel WordPress themes: The Ambassador, Palazio Theme, and Royal Chateau. All the themes feature mobile friendly responsive layouts, fast loading speeds and easy customisation options. They don’t come packed with thousands of theme options and bloated code that can slow a website down. So that’s a good thing.

The Ambassador
The Ambassador


Royal Chateau
Royal Chateau

License and Pricing
Hermes Themes are released under the GPL (GNU general public license). The themes are priced at $199 each which includes one year of technical support and theme updates. While $199 might seem rather pricy compared to other premium WordPress themes, it’s actually very reasonable when compared to the alternatives of a custom hotel website design or other proprietary solutions for hotel websites which can costs thousands of dollars a year.

Have a look at the live demos and all the themes features at Hermes Themes.

What do you think about Hermes Themes? Let us know in the comments below.


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6 replies to Hermes Themes – New WordPress Shop for Premium Hotel Themes

  1. Thank you for writing about my new shop, I do hope that people find it useful 🙂

  2. The hotel themes look very nice that’s true. However at $199 they seem quite expensive, especially considering they don’t seem to have any advanced functionality or special features that might justify a higher price.

  3. I wanted to comment on the cost of the themes. Unlike @john I think $199 is very low. Hotels by their very nature can support a lot more than $200/theme and there are not nearly as many independent hotels as their restaurants, etc.

    If I were pricing the themes I’d create three tiers of $199, $599 and $999 based on the number of beds the hotel makes available and then I’d use the income to plow back into development of hotel specific features. And $999 might still be too low to support the development required to become world-class.


  4. Aha finally something interesting for hotels! But honest too pricey.

    @Mike Your strategy perspective is speculative and abusive. A WordPress theme is a theme. Whether its for a corner shop, a hotel, or a global corporation. Some had more work put into them, others less. Some have unique features, others standard. But as you suggest “$199, $599 and $999” is more like a criminal abuse similar to holding someone ransom.

    Get down from you high horse and see the real world.

  5. I would like to make some clarifications about the pricing policy, which I thought over for a long time.

    First of all, the price is higher than most other themes for a simple reason of “exclusivity”.
    A theme that costs $30, in half a year can get 2000-3000 sales, and will be used on a multitude of websites, starting from blogs and ending with porn directories.
    A theme that costs $200 won’t get as many sales and will not be bought “on a whim”. It is a planned, researched purchase. And if you buy it, chances are that you will be among the few ones who use this design. So in a way, you buy a “custom” design.

    Other than that, this price includes WordPress and theme installation, a free service provided to clients that are not familiar with WordPress and have problems getting started with it.
    How many other developers do free WordPress and theme installation for their customers?

    And last but not least: many other solutions for hotels are subscription-based and can add up to $2000-$4000 / year.

    Others, even if cheaper, can be cloud-hosted services, which at the end of your contract, simply remain there. You don’t get any files, you don’t get any CMS with database, nothing. You are left with literally nothing, so you have to start from scratch.

    Here, you have full control. Even if you decide to change the theme, it does not rely on complex custom post types, most of the content is handled via standard pages. Which means that you are in control, and not someone else.

    Starting with a $199 is a bold move, I get that, but this will be a benefit to the customers in the long run.

  6. The themes look great and I think the extra service could validate the price. BUT….there is no availability or booking feature? Thats quite a miss in Hotel Themes. Therefore a no go for us.

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