CM Tooltip: Glossary of Terms and Dictionary WordPress Plugin

cm-tooltip CM Tooltip Glossary is a plugin for WordPress that enables you to create a glossary, encyclopedia or dictionary of terms in a WordPress website. Once enabled it highlights the defined term, word or phrase in your posts / pages so when users hover over the defined term a tooltip will display the definition.

If your website topic or blog posts use a lot of industry specific terms, acronyms, abbreviations, or jargon the CM Tooltip plugin makes it very easy to create a glossary of terms section as well as functionality for a tooltip definition of terms in your posts / pages to help visitors when they’re reading your content.

Glossary of Terms

The CM Plugin has a wealth of advanced features and options. Some of the key features are outlined below.

Key Features

  • Abbreviations – add abbreviation for terms in Glossary. Abbreviation will be highlighted in post and pages
  • Tooltip Window – tooltip window can optionally appear when term is hovered over by the cursor
  • Export – export all glossary terms and content to a CSV file. Share with other glossaries.
  • Import – import terms into the glossary from external sources
  • Localization – use Glossary with any language you want. Add your language characters to glossary index
  • SEO – glossary terms are an important SEO enhancement to your site
  • Style – style and customise glossary index page and tooltip in the way you want
  • Synonyms – add synonyms to terms in the Glossary. Synonyms will be highlighted in post and pages
  • Mobile – tooltips are mobile friendly and are shown in a mobile friendly way
  • Audio – add audio file to Tooltip and term page. An audio player will be embedded
  • Video – integrate Videos inside Tooltip from Youtube / Vimeo or other providers
  • Thesaurus – add Merriam Webster Thesaurus definition to any term you have in the glossary
  • Dictionary – add Merriam Webster Dictionary definition to any term you have in the glossary
  • Images – set featured image for each term. Tooltip will show featured image once hovered
  • Amazon – show products recommendation from Amazon inside the tooltip
  • Google Translate – translate every term content using Google Translate to your own language
  • Wikipedia – insert Wikipedia term into your terms content. Also show in the Tooltip
  • Double Click – support double click on any word / phrase on the site to produce a pre-set tooltip
  • Transparent Tooltip – tooltip background could be set to transparent to support showing video/images and other content types
  • Term Template – term page template can be designed according to need
  • Related Terms – automatically shows all related posts/pages per each term and all related terms per each post/page
  • Shortcodes – support for multiple glossaries and external API’s (Wikipedia/Google/WM) inside any page or post using shortcodes
  • Search Glossary – search glossary for terms using local ajax based search
  • Glossary Index Views – select between several templates to display glossary index page
  • WooCommerce Products – display WooCommerce Product Widgets inside tooltip
  • Tooltip Fonts – change the Tooltip font from a list of Google’s available fonts
  • WordPress Multisite – supports WordPress Multisite
  • Social Share Widget – add social share widget to term page and glossary index page
  • Much More

CM Tooltip is available in four editions with different levels of features and functionality:

  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $35
  • Pro+: $45
  • Ecommerce: $60

Demo & Release Page | Download


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  1. hi, i’ll try the demo, hoping that this will be a dictionary with a kind of wiki function, I didnt understand why the special search function will cost +19U$ to a pro version – may be i misunderstood, regards, m

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