Why Your eCommerce Store Needs a Business Plan and How to Write One

Business plans are often seen as a chore that’s only required if you need to raise capital. The truth is every business, no matter how big or small, needs a business plan. This includes online business – even if it’s a small business ran by a single person. Taking the time to create a business

How to Create an eCommerce Store with WordPress

Building an online ecommerce store today is easier than ever. You can build an online store complete with inventory and a beautiful website that works as well as the big boys without having to program a line of code or hire a specialist. How? By using WordPress and adding an eCommerce package. It’s not hard

How to Integrate Google Maps into WordPress

The best way to give your readers directions to a specific location is to use Google Maps. You could just give them the address, but Google Maps gives them much more information. Google Maps are especially important if you have a business with a physical location or you want to show information about an event.

10 Alternative Commenting Systems for WordPress

The comment system is an important part of a WordPress website. Gone are the days where readers just read and leave. They want to voice their opinions and have their say. Comments provide social proof of the value of your site and bring readers into the conversation. Your site can get a lot of mileage

How to Add a Forum to Your WordPress Website

Adding a forum is a great way to build a community around your WordPress website. Forums are a great way to build and maintain traffic. They build a social network on your platform where users can interact, create content, help each other, share information, build long-tale traffic, and share content on their favorite social networks.

How to Create Custom Menu Structures in WordPress

WordPress has an automatic built-in navigation structure that creates your menus for you. It includes pages and categories. It will place them in your primary menu without you having to do anything other than create the page or a post within the category. This works great if you only have a few page and categories,

How to Make Your WordPress Website Lightning Fast

Slow loading times could be killing your website. That might sound a bit dramatic, but it’s been shown that even tiny increases in page loading times can have dramatic results on website conversion rates. Not only that, but search engines like Google now take into account the speed of a website, when deciding where to

3 Proven Ways to Make Money With Your WordPress Website

Monetizing your website has been a buzzword around WordPress circles for many years. It’s simply the act of making money from your website. It doesn’t even matter what kind of site you have. It can be a blog, an online store, a school, etc. If it has visitors, you can make money from it. It’s

How to Use Chrome Developer Tools to Improve Your WordPress Website

Chrome Developer Tools (DevTools) is an amazing set of web-authoring and debug tools for Google Chrome. The DevTools provide access to the elements that build web pages. You can use the DevTools to troubleshoot issues with the layout, look at and modify CSS, set JavaScript breakpoints, inspect the code for optimization, and much more. The