How to Build a Restaurant Website with WordPress

WordPress is an excellent platform for creating a restaurant website or any other type of food service website including bakeries, cafes, pizzerias, clubs, diners, and more. Using a few pages, plugins, and a sharp theme is all you need to create a website that will impress your guests and provide them with the information they

How to Build a Website for Artists with WordPress

WordPress is an amazing website platform for artists. It’s free and has everything built in that artists need to display their work, build a following, and keep their fans informed through a blog. By adding a few features using plugins and themes you can even create your own specialized gallery and sell your art from

How to Set Up a Music / Band Website with WordPress

WordPress is an excellent website platform for bands and musicians. Not only is it free and easy to use, it also provides all the tools that bands need to set up their website, show photos of their band, provide a calendar of their upcoming events, show videos, play audio, sell their music and merchandise, and

How To Build a School Website with WordPress

Schools come in all sizes. Some are a single instructor teaching one subject while others have hundreds of instructors teaching dozens of courses to thousands of students. Each have their needs and challenges for a website but the overall operation is the same – no matter the size or the topic. Whether you’re creating a

How Build and Use Your Email List to Increase Sales

Email is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. It’s targeted marketing that will drive revenue. Why is it targeted? Because your list are readers that have subscribed to receive your email. Email addresses are not that difficult to get and once you have them you have a much easier time marketing because you

Why Your eCommerce Store Needs a Business Plan and How to Write One

Business plans are often seen as a chore that’s only required if you need to raise capital. The truth is every business, no matter how big or small, needs a business plan. This includes online business – even if it’s a small business ran by a single person. Taking the time to create a business

How to Create an eCommerce Store with WordPress

Building an online ecommerce store today is easier than ever. You can build an online store complete with inventory and a beautiful website that works as well as the big boys without having to program a line of code or hire a specialist. How? By using WordPress and adding an eCommerce package. It’s not hard

Starting a Freelance Business – What Your Website Needs

If you have a freelance business a website is an essential marketing tool. It’s how you tell potential clients about you and the work you do. It’s an important part of your freelance business and should be developed and handled with care. A carefully planned website will help you look more professional, speed up your

How to Integrate Google Maps into WordPress

The best way to give your readers directions to a specific location is to use Google Maps. You could just give them the address, but Google Maps gives them much more information. Google Maps are especially important if you have a business with a physical location or you want to show information about an event.