Vacation Home Rental WordPress Theme

Vacation Rental is a commercial WordPress theme from Templatic that allows you to showcase and promote vacation rental homes, and accept online bookings. Features include a booking module with options for people to make bookings per day/week/month etc, an availability calendar, numerous short codes for property descriptions, and integrated Google maps. The them comes with 5 colour scheme options and has a responsive layout.

Vacation Rental WordPress Theme


  • Booking Module – a functional booking module with useful options for users to book your vacation home per day/week/month
  • Availability Calendar – automatically updates itself when a booking is confirmed. It stops other users to book the same dates again
  • 30 Shortcodes – custom shortcodes specific to this theme, like the [ame_list], [yes], [no], etc which will help you better describe your property
  • Google Maps Enabled – a simple yet strategically created widget helps display Google Map on contact us page for users to better locate your property
  • Responsive Layout – site adjusts its layout on all devices, on all resolutions
  • Payment Gateways – like PayPal,, 2CO and Pre Bank Transfer, plus a Pay at arrival option too
  • 5 Alternative Colour Schemes
  • Integrated Blog
  • Drop Down Menus
  • Gravatar Support and Threaded Comments
  • Built in SEO Options
  • Widget Ready with Custom Widgets

Standard Pack: $65
Developer Pack: $99
Templatic Theme Club (all themes): $299

Demo & Release Page | Download

Templatic have a range of professional looking CMS business, ecommerce, magazine / news, portal, portfolio, personal blog and other niche premium WordPress themes

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  1. Darren says

    Beware of templatic themes. their themes are infected with malware and their own site is also infected due to pirated codes downloaded from shaddy sites.

    Check out their huge failure project is currently infected where they made huge promises and failed to deliver and didn’t refund money.

    Plus they are booking generic names of some popular theme developer and promotes their products on others’ credit.

    Most of their themes are incompatible with wordpress 3.0 and full of copied code from other theme provider. They don’t even care to remove non applying CSS code that have been copied from others.

    Their support is even horrifying and they abuses their member as well.

  2. says

    Hello Darren,

    Like many other developers Templatic uses certain open-source solutions but we always give credit to the script creator (commented section near the beginning of the file)

    Ecommerceplex is not a failure project nor the sites hosts any malware. The reason site is not so active anymore lies in the fact we now sell all the product on Templatic. Soon we will transfer all the customers as well. The malware issue is actually an attack on the site. It’s been taken cared of but we’re still waiting for it to be removed from the blacklist. This is unfortunately the second time this has happen in the last few months. If you read the Google diagnostics page you will see the site was blocked due to a scripting attack.
    We have taken security precautions since the last attack but this is unfortunately happening again.

    Almost all Templatic themes are WordPress 3.0 compatible. Most people believe they are not because of the custom menus. Templatic themes handle custom menus a little differently. You create the custom menu under wp-admin -> Appearance -> Menus but you have to activate it using a custom menus widget under Appearance -> Widgets. This is of course covered in the theme documentation guide and the knowledge base. We even talk about this on twitter and facebook ->!/templatic/status/124819238794956801

    Darren, you never talk about your personal experience with Templatic but we apologized to you anyway. You are repeating (saying) the same untrue stories all over the web. We reached out to you several times but you never seem to want to resolve this.
    I am always available on my email for you and for everyone else. You can contact me at (click to see the email).

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Vedran Fak | Templatic

  3. Brian says

    It is disappointing to see that Templatic participate in dodgy and unethical business practises

  4. Darren says

    @Vedran, It’s not only me who is complaining against your themes but many of your clients has the same complaints (infact, endless complains against you). Biggest fault of your themes are that it has same bugs which your repeatedly codes in your new themes. I can understand that no product is bug proof but in your case, every themes has common bugs which your team is not addressing.

    I’ve been constantly providing you several links with pure truth in it and that can be easily understand that you cheats your customer but you always makes false claims that I’m defaming you. But all links itself says pure true stories.

    when you publish the misleading post called we are WordPress 3.0 ready means your themes either should be compatible with wp 3.0 menus or your theme are sheer incompatible to use.

    Do you think again and again apologizing is doing any good to your credibility ?

    Your CEO is truly pirate king and now he has started copying speech as well.

    Presence of your CEO was largely criticized by wordpress community due to his copied speech at recently held jebalpur wordcamp. why you need to provide malicious code containing themes. why you don’t care about the credibility of your clients’ online reputation which you constantly tarnishing with your unworthy graphically rich themes. (you don’t have any right to play with your clients online credibility)

    why you thinks your’re above wordpress functionality. See how woothemes had customized menu management section before wp3.0 arrived and when it arrived they started promoting built in menu functionality rather using old feature.

    when you refers twitter status, they are also full of complains for your bugs in themes.

    so improve your themes and stop making victims of your scams.

  5. says

    Darren you have made a lot of complaints and criticisms about Templatic and their themes containing bugs, malicious dodgy code etc,. While you are you welcome to have your say on PremiumWP, what would be more helpful from here on is if you have problems with Templatic, to provide specific references and examples of the problems and concerns, and other constructive criticism either directly to Templatic, or here, in order to help them fix issues and improve their themes and business. Thanks.

  6. says

    Are you (were you) a Templatic member? If you are/were, I would really like to hear YOUR side of the story, your experience.

    If you weren’t, who are you representing i.e. who can we contact to resolve this?

    Thank you,

  7. MattStrange says


    As a developer and product holder myself for Wordpress, Darren makes no constructive criticism towards the issues he has with Templatic and therefore you can only think he may of had some support issues for a particular theme and is having a rant.

    Do not take his words for putting you off in purchasing a theme from Templatic, i myself have used one of there themes and had no issues and the code looks pretty clean.

    All the best.

  8. Darren says

    @PremiumWP (Jonathan), I apologize for exposing templatic at your blog but I was trying to convey a message to wp community that not to fall in trap of only graphically rich themes.

    It’s no secrete that their themes are pirated and their themes are detected as a malware by Google.

    Copied code is also an insult of original coder and when one uses such malicious themes, sometime Google detects it as a malware and your online image is finished.

    Their own image with their customer is almost zero which is clearly visible from their recent wordcamp ticket giveaway where hardly 2 people participated.

    @Vedran, I am your existing member and I don’t want your help as your CEO gets abusive upon asking hard questions.

    Openly answer these questions :

    – why you distributes malwares via your failure project ?

    – why you cheated your members that you will add more themes ?

    – why you publicized that members will get 2 themes a month ? and now you says there will be 1 theme per month (I agree that you are not capable of handling your bugful themes but you should have refunded half volume of the charges that you have charged to your club members)

    @MattStrange I know you have good experiences with them but there are many people shouts and don’t recommend their themes.

    can you please let the community know which website you have developed using their theme ?

  9. says


    Can you Darren please let the community know who you actually are instead of hiding behind a fake name? Isn’t it kinda funny that you of all people would try to discredit someone? These are not YouTube comments about how Bieber is gay, you are making serious accusations against a real company, against real people. I think you should stand by it then, don’t you?

    Since you’re an existing Templatic customer feel free to send me your username, I’ll be happy to take a look at your problems and help you out.


  10. Fries says

    I confirm Darren’s point of view and it’s sad to see good sites like premiumwp showcasing Templatic themes without any tests.

    Behind a very well presentation, they sell “not working” themes full of errors (html, wordpress, php).

    A small html validation may be a good starting point, but it’s just the visible part of the iceberg !

    In example :

  11. Darren says

    Thanks Fries for giving another example of how they cheats their own clients.


    Stop finding my identity, and start finding and working on your buggy themes or refund the money to your all members.

    You have always complains about raising so many complains against your unethical practice which you always counts as discrediting your business but it’s not about criticizing you but to warn your buyers to stay away from your themes which really damages our online reputation.

    It’s not only me who has series of problems with your theme but many links speaks against you and your copying act.

    Not only your vacation rental theme but majority of your theme are not having valid codes.

    templatic is a bunch of money oriented unprofessional people specially it’s owner, they don’t consider customer satisfaction factor.

  12. says

    Hi Fries,

    More advanced themes have been problematic after release but we cleared those bugs pretty fast. That said, we haven’t received any issues regarding Vacation Rental. Also, the upcoming Geo Places v4 will go through rigorous alpha and beta testing to help achieve day-one perfection :)
    The w3 validator is really strict and you’ll rarely find a site (or theme) without any errors.
    For example, this is the stock WP twenty ten theme:

    Errors in the validator don’t necessarily mean the theme is bad.

    If you’re a Templatic member and you spot a bug in one of our themes be sure to inform us right away. We’ll clear that out as soon as possible.


  13. Darren says

    Please don’t make exhibition of your brain. Take a look at your type of errors, number of errors and which they are.

    Twenty ten themes have very marginal errors and that too not affecting the theme’s core functionality.

  14. says

    I’m not a programmer, I don’t know the difference between all those errors.

    The errors found in the Vacation Rental theme don’t affect it’s functionality. I personally did a short test of the theme and found no issues. Also, we haven’t received any remarks from our customers.
    I’m not saying the product is bug-free, but we haven’t discovered any issues with it so far.

    All the best

  15. says

    Hi Darren,

    Yes, if it’s on twitter, it must be true…

    If someone else is reading this…
    In case you’re interested into Templatic don’t listed to Darren, don’t listed to me, just create an account at and try it out for yourself.

    Kind regards

  16. says

    I have just started to use WordPress and I love articles like this because they show me what can be created.

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