Premium WordPress Links for 10.03.08

The Future of Premium WordPress Themes
ThemeShaper forecasts the future of the premium WordPress themes, and presents some thoughts on alternative premium WordPress theme business models.

The Future of WordPress Themes
Following on from the previous article, ThemeShaper presents the thoughts and views of 11 people heavily involved in the WordPress theming community as to what the future of WordPress themes might be. Its an interesting article and well worth the read.

Ptah Dunbar: Matt Mullenwag’s views on Premium WordPress Themes
Ptah Dunbar presents a conversation he had with Matt Mullenwag (the creator of WordPress) about the premium WordPress Theme business model.

Adii: WordPress, Open Source and Giving Back
Adii, a leading creator of Premium WordPress Themes, has his say about the ongoing debate regarding the status and virtues of the premium theme business model.

WordPress Theme Forecast
Not to be left out, also reports of the premium WordPress theme future issues and asks for your thoughts on the issue.

WordPress 2.5 Upgrade Preparation Checklist
It looks like WordPress 2.5 will be released this coming week, so the Blog Herald presents a handy checklist to help you ensure your ready for the upgrade.

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