Eventum is a magnificent easy to manage and customizable events WordPress theme. If you are planning to launch a multi-city events portal where all event organizers across the country can advertise their events. Then Eventum WordPress template is the appropriate choice for your portal. It comes with the vast variety of functions for both event organizers and administrator. The theme is modern, powerful and stylish.

Some of the best demos of Eventum WordPress theme.
You can create a powerful and professional events portal for anything on any subject or industry as per your requirements.

Integrated Event Calendar
The theme comes with integrated responsive, stylish and powerful calendar. So, users and site visitors can browse events on the calendar by simple mouse hover on any dates.

  • Displays events name, start & end dates, times and location.
  • A link pointing to the page with a list of all the events occurring on the date which is hovered over.

Recurring/Regular Events
Organizers of events can add mainly two types of events 1. Regular 2. Recurring on the website.

  • Events organizer can allow users to add regular as well as recurring events.
  • Recurring events can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with additional options for each till the specified period.
  • It shows a list of all future occurrences on the recurring event detail page.

Keep Track of Event Attendees
On the event detail page, it will display the event attendees list and also helps in making events the talk of the town and encouraging people to attend.

  • Every event detail page has the functionality to display the total event attendees
  • It has an option by using which the site user can confirm own attendance.
  • Also, logged-in visitors can also have the list of all the events they are going to attend

Event listing, divided into Current, Upcoming and Past tabs
Events tabs are particularly designed for the front-end pages to make it simple for your users to navigate and provide easiest event registrations.

  • All event listing pages has the three tabs 1. Current 2. Upcoming and 3. Past.
  • The administrator can define the default tab as well as default view for events.

Link Events to particular Listings
The existing listing can be linked with the events. Additionally, the registered users can also connect their event with particular existing own listing/place.

  • Organizers of events can link events with any listing/place from their own dashboard
  • A sidebar widget helps users connect their events to their own listing.

Event reminder in calendars
It has option adding an event to the calendar on the event detail page.

  • It uses four calendar options 1. iCal Calendar 2. Google calendar 3. Yahoo Calendar and 4. Outlook.

Event Ticketing & Reservation and Booking System
You can easily start selling tickets and booking system because the theme is WooCommerce compatible. Just WooCommerce plugin and WooCommerce Booking plugin it turns your portal to a ticket selling and booking system. Allow the user to purchase tickets and book hotel accommodation, hire cars, appointment and book tours and lot more.

SEO friendly Events
The theme is created with SEO rules in mind. Also compatible with most powerful and popular plugins like Yoast SEO, All In One SEO, Google XML Sitemaps and All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets.

  • Unlimited event listing packages
  • Event listing packages for membership type
  • Mobile app view events portal
  • Events calendar & Recurring/Regular Events
  • Tracking of Event Attendees
  • Event listings as “Current, Upcoming and Past” tabs
  • Linking Events to Listings
  • Set an event reminder in calendars
  • Event Ticketing using WooCommerce
  • SEO friendly Event Theme
  • Easy to make it multilingual
  • Booking System and Reservation