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Premium WP is proud to present a free WordPress theme – “The Stars”. The Stars is a sexy magazine style WordPress theme ideal for fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, celebrity/gossip, or lifestyle websites. The theme includes a wide range of features including: drop down navigation menus, a featured content section, automatic thumbnail generation, integrated social bookmarking buttons and more.

The Stars Theme Features

  • Unique homepage layout to maximise home page real estate
  • Sexy drop down navigation menu for categories
  • Automatic Image Resizer, which is used to dynamically create the thumbnails and featured images for posts
  • Featured content section on the homepage
  • Custom page template for archives, categories and search results
  • Asides category section in sidebar
  • Widget ready sidebars
  • Integrated social bookmarking, email and print buttons in posts
  • Author bio section on posts
  • Integrated Flickr RSS photo feed section
  • Integrated banner advertising positions (468x60px, 300x250px and 300, 100px)
  • WordPress 2.7 compatible

Home Page
the stars premium wordpress theme

Category Page
The Stars Theme Category Page

The Stars WordPress Theme Post

The Stars is a free WordPress theme and thus is released “as is”. No support will be provided for the theme.

Usage Agreement
The Stars theme is free to download and use on as many sites as you would like. That being said we would sincerely appreciate it if you leave the credit link in the footer. We think this is a reasonable request and a small price to pay for giving you this premium WordPress theme absolutely free! Thank you and enjoy the theme.

Please Note
– WordPress Version 2.7 or higher is required for this theme.
– The theme uses the TimThumb PHP script to create and resize the thumbnail images.
– Editing of the theme code is required to set up and use the theme properly. If you are not comfortable with WordPress and code editing, this theme is not for you.

Theme Demo | Download


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436 replies to The Stars – A Free Premium WordPress Theme

  1. Oh, my goodness! Fantastic and amazing theme! I will use this for my new blog….

  2. Wonderful. Unique and professional. I like it

  3. Definitely what I am looking for – a free WordPress theme with premium features. Thank you very much for this. 🙂

  4. hey great theme, easy to navigate, looks great and really nice clean feeling while browsing! My only suggestion would be to have the photoshots open full sized in a lightbox style overlay rather than go to flickr.
    Really really nice though, good to see a free premium theme!

  5. Great looking FREE theme. I may just use this for a project coming up. Thanks.

  6. very clean and sexy

  7. any help here?

    i used this template on my site and i think i got a problem with the “THUMBNAIL IMAGES”. I read and followed the instructions carefully many times but the thumbnail images won’t work. i used the custom fields, created a new key, put the image source but it really won’t work. HELP!

  8. wow! nice theme!

  9. if I see from these screen shot, it will be a great free wordpress theme.

    Thanks, I will download this theme. 🙂

  10. Amazing theme! Thank you for sharing and keeping the WordPress community going.

  11. @ char and anyone else having problems with the custom fields

    When setting up the custom fields for the post’s thumbnail images it is important the key is EXACTLY the same as in the readme file. Custom field keys are case sensitive.

  12. Why i can’t see anything? I dont display nothing when active this Theme

  13. @ gianluca

    We cant help you with only the short comment you have written. It doesnt really tell us much. Can you maybe provide a link to the site or explain your problem a bit more?

  14. AMAZING!!

    I would use it for my celebrity blog 🙂

  15. Wowww this theme great and Free share 🙂 this is a joke 🙂

  16. Excellent theme, I’m having one small issue (disclosure: I’ve never seen PHP code before, so excuse the noob). The thumbnails in the “latest news” seem to be automatically resizing to specific dimensions that are a different aspect ratio them my actual thumbs – thus causing distortion.

    I’ve poked around and it looks to me that the category.php is calling the timthumb.php function to perform the resizing, but I can’t figure out how to set the function to keep the same aspect ratio.

    Perhaps I’m better off setting my thumbs to the correct size instead of changing the code, Any ideas?

  17. Your theme rocks my world. My website is about dating and a little tweak here and there and it’s fantastic. I was going to buy a premium theme and you saved me the money!

    Also, thanks for the excellent documentation that you put out. It’s perfectly readable and answered all my questions in 1.5 pages. That’s great docs!

  18. Thanks for all the positive comments everyone.

    J.B – The thumbnails are automatically resized to fit the dimensions of the thumbnail image with the timthumb function. So if the original image is a drastically different aspect ratio to the thumbnail image yes distortion will occur. Unfortunately no easy way to get it perfect apart from the time consuming way creating thumbnail images manually exactly the right size. I would suggest the easiest way is to just to make sure the original images used in your posts are a similar aspect ratio to the thumbnails for best results.

  19. I just converted to Joomla from WordPress and after seeing this theme my faith has been resotred in the WordPress community. Thanks for this awesome theme. I am putting it on my bog as we speak.

  20. If you develop a ‘super’ or ‘premium’ version of this theme, you’ve got a built-in customer. Please let me know if you will be developing a paid, supported, premium version.

    You might want to sell support even on this free theme.

    Also can you add me to any email lists you’ve got. The theme looks great, but the code inside the theme is so easy for me to manage. It’s very well thought out.

    I’ve got a ton of client projects and I want to use all your themes both premium and free.

    Thanks again.

  21. This is a cool free theme!!

  22. Thanks for the response. I can live with resizing all my images since we’re just starting out.

    Anyone have any idea what the exact pixel dimensions are for the thumbnail and “featured” areas are?

  23. I’m having problems with the custom image fields. I copied everything to a “t” to no avail. I’ve worked with custom fields many times in the past with no problems, so I’m baffled. Wondering if it’s a permissions issue with timthumb.php or something. Any ideas?

  24. This is a FANTASTIC theme! The generosity and creativity of WordPress designers is never-ending.

    Thank You.

  25. A word of caution: I kept having problems with some of my images not showing up in the front page thumbnails. When I would click on the missing image to open in a new window, wordpress would report back an error in a certain line of the timthumb.php function.

    I believe this was being caused by saving my jpgs in photoshop with a color profile attached. I saved an identical jpg without the profile attached and the thumbnails started working again. This might be limited to the version of photoshop I’m using, but if anyone encounters a similar issue, try saving without color profiles.

  26. Hi, and thanks for a great theme!

    I’m using flickr for all my photos, including the in-post ones. Therefore I need the timthumb function to grab photos of flickr for resizing. I’m assuming I’m not the only one doing this. Are there any plans of allowing remote image grabbing some time?

  27. @Dave: Thanks. There are no plans of making a paid version of this particular theme. We may consider releasing other premium themes (commercial) with support if there is enough demand.

    @JB: the exact pixel dimensions of the thumbnail images are 390×252 for the featured section thumbs and 258×110 for the smaller thumbs.

    @ Eivind M: No plans for including that sort of function. From a web publishing point of view that isn’t good practice. What happens if that photo is removed from flickr or marked as private in the future? Even if you’re using Flickr images in posts it’s a much better to get the photo and upload into your WordPress website.

  28. i’m having problems with my thumbnails. its not showing up.. i followed the instructions right but i don’t know what seems to be the problem still pictures never showed up in the front.. worse there’s something missing.. that flasshy thing infront is no where to be found..

  29. Great themes, but it has conflict with platinum seo plugin and i don’t know why. Only displaying white screen

  30. PremiumWP: I totally agree – when it’s someone else’s pictures you’re talking about 🙂 In this case I’m using my own flickr images in my WP blog (with the marvelous Tan Flickr Photo Album), so then I both own the pictures myself and know when/if they’re being marked as private or deleted.

    So, after some googling, I managed to get the script doing what I wanted, and I have to tell you, I like the theme even better when it’s “my own”, with my own pictures.

    But, of course, this is a function that can easily be abused..

    I also wanted to ask: I’ve added the custom field “preview-big” to the posts for the featured posts-thing in the front page. The picture gets displayed as a thumbnail in the list of three articles, but there’s no big picture displayed. The links also doesn’t work.

    I’ve tried looking through the readme to see if I’ve missed any configuration settings, but I can’t find any. Do you have any pointers, mistakes all newbies makes, or something..? 🙂

  31. Great theme!

    To help some of the other questions, here’s some tips: (and you might want to add this in the readme file!)

    1. Deactivate plug-ins and see if that helps or fixes issues – if it does fix it, reactivate them 1 by 1 until you can find out which one is causing the problem.

    2. Images need to be hosted on your server. So if the picture is hosted at photobucket for example, it’s not going to work. If your pictures look distorted, try manually editing them to be the right size before uploading them to the server. TimThumbs is wonderful though – 8 out of 10 times my pics show up fine. (I’ve been using it on various themes and sites for some time now.)

    3. Clear your browser history/cache/and cookies. I couldn’t get my changes I made on the test server to show up on my live server…clearing all that from my browser fixed it!

    Anyways, unbelievable job, I’ve tested *almost* every premium and free theme out there, and this one blows most of them away. And this will sound really weird, but I’m so glad there’s no “options” page. Having to dig around in includes files is a minor pet peeve of mine!

    I just have to make a few more minor changes and it’ll be live soon – I want it to seem almost identical to the theme I have now other than the homepage, hoping this will help me understand my traffic and audience better as well having specific category sections on the homepage.

  32. @Chelle – Thanks for your comments. Hope this helps the people having some problems. Love the modifications you have made to the theme. Your site looks fantastic!

  33. followed everything and still things are not working the way it should be.. huhuh

  34. Does integration with Gravatar work?

  35. I guess I’m stupid. I don’t understand how the images work. Can someone give me step by step.

  36. Really great theme, thanks so much

  37. Also, I have question on the menu. I can’t figure out how to do the dropdown part of it. I assume it has to do with some code in the header.php? Can anyone please help.

  38. Hello, I have a big proble with my images, I can not understand how it is work.

    I have try all steps gave here.

    PremiumWP, could you help me with this.

    Thanks a lot-.

    In order to get thumbnail images to appear, a custom field needs to be added to each post with a value (link to your picture). The image needs to be on your server already. Towards the bottom of the post editor page in your WordPress dashboard is an option called ‘Custom Fields’. What you need to do is add a new custom field (listed below) as well as include the image source (url) for each image you want to show as a thumbnail in the ‘Value’ section.

    The image needs to be on your server. You can use the WordPress Upload / Insert “add an image’ function to upload your image, then copy and paste the image url into custom field ‘Value’ section.

    There are two custom fields used for all post’s thumbnail images
    Custom Fields Names
    1. “preview-big” is for the Featured Category thumbnails
    2. “entry-preview” for all other category thumbnails

    For example:
    To add a thumbnail image for a post in the Featured category
    Custom Field Name: preview-big

    To add a thumbnail image for a post all other categories
    Custom Field Name: entry-preview

    The drop down navigation menu is created dynamically – you don’t need to do anything to get this to work properly. Just set up your category hierarchy structure (parent / child relationship) properly in the Categories section of WordPress. The readme file examples how you can exclude categories from showing if you so desire.

  40. I figured out the menu problem. Without a post the category will not show up. Does anyone know how to put the advertising in?

  41. Thanks for the info, but all that i have been doing, so.
    I will like that you help us with this case, I know that you not offer support, but realy, we need some tricks, or advice.

    Right now, I dont know how to fix this mass.



  42. I want to thank you for this beautiful theme !
    I use it in my wedding wesite, click my name for see,

    Thanks !

  43. Man, I tried everything. Still can’t get the images to show up in the featured area on the home page. Do we have to use the full URL or parts? I’m using absolute URL right now.

  44. oh my god this is great

  45. Aditya,

    You must use the full URL (http://website/…) and the files must be located on your own site. You cannot use a file hosting service like photobucket or flickr.

  46. I would love to use this beautiful theme, but as I install it, it doesn’t appear correctly.
    On the preview it says there’s notification about “php error message” and as I continued to activate it my blog is just blank. All the post don’t appear.

    I tried to follow the README instruction, but I can’t understand these following commands:
    a. Featured posts
    Assign your “featured posts” into a category (ie. featured), then specify the “featured”
    category ID in home.php line #3 ($headline_cat)

    b. Front page categories
    The front page “Latest News” section displaying your 5 latest posts grouped by category,
    you can select which categories to display here by edit the home.php file on line #4 ($front_cat_list)

    Probably because I fail to follow the instruction causes my blog to be blank?
    I open home.php and the line #3 ($headline_cat) is this
    $headline_cat = 1;

    So I must change the value 1 with my choice of featured post category?
    I tried to put input
    $headline_cat = uncatogorized;

    But it’s still blank.

    I’m sorry I have a limited understanding about this, but I wish I could use this template.
    Thanks for any help.

  47. Thank you Premium WP for taking time to answers questions. I really appreciate it. I love this theme and am trying to figure out everything without bothering you, but I have a question about how to change the image size that appears on the home page under “Latest News” section. It comes up as 258 x 110. This is an odd size and it’s hard to find pictures that display properly.

    I changed the size in home.php file but it didn’t work.

    timthumb.php?src=ID, ‘preview-big’,true) ?>&w=390&h=252&zc=1″ alt=”<?php the_title

    Is there somewhere else to alter the size?
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  48. @fff – you have to find the ID numbers for the categories you want to appear on the home page and assign them appropriately into line #3 and line #4 of the home.php file in order for your categories to show properly.

    Line #3 ($headline_cat = x;) is for the featured category
    Line #4 ($front_cat_list = x,x,x,x;) is the other categories on the homepage

    x = your category ID number

    @DM – the thumbnail custom field for categories under the “latest news” section is “entry-preview”. I suggest you modify the pixel dimensions in the appropriate files relating to that custom field. NOT the ‘preview-big’ custom field.

  49. Curious, is there gravatar support built in correctly? I can get my personal gravatar to display in an author credit, however whenever someone who doesn’t have an account comments or authors an article, it puts up this odd illustration of a red-headed girl. Selecting any of the the generic “avatar” icons in the WP admin section for discussion does nothing to change this.

    I’d like to be able to select the generic “mystery man” or generic “gravatar” logo icons instead of the odd icon it picks.

    Is that part of the template not supported?

  50. And while I’m at it…I’ve noticed that somehow the default behavior of the comments section will insert a link to “http://website/” behind the commenter’s name. I noticed a lot of outbound links appearing to the link http://website/ and it took me a while to figure out that it was coming from commenter links.

    What’s the fix for that?

  51. Could you please tell me what’s the name of the font on the logo?

  52. Great theme! However, it doesn’t work with the Platinum SEO Plugin. All the other pages are fine, but the main page comes up completely blank.

    Here’s a link to the plugin:

  53. @ JB – Change the avatar file located at (themes/thestars/images/gravatar-blank.jpg) to a design you so desire. An update has been provided to fix the url problem in the comment links.

    @ Meah – The font is Karat Medium

    @ Jessi – The theme doesn’t support the Platinum SEO Plugin. You may want to try the All-In-One SEO Plugin instead.

  54. Tried the SEO Plugin and that doesn’t work either. I really want to use this theme but I need one of these plugins as well!

  55. @ Jessi – The Stars Theme demo site is using the All-In-One SEO Plugin without any problem. You may have other installed plugins or settings which are causing conflicts.

  56. First Great Theme! It’s one of the best free magazine themes I’ve ever seen and thanks for releasing it.

    Okay, my comments don’t appear to be styled like the ones on the demo site here, the comment box stretches across the site and comments left by others look like the wordpress default comments.

    Any help would be great!

  57. Hey sorry again but I downloaded the new theme update but I get this error message for comments.

    Warning: require(/home/residen8/public_html/ [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/residen8/public_html/ on line 671

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/residen8/public_html/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/residen8/public_html/ on line 671

  58. Problems with images. I’m not able to see images. I do have the correct names and values in the custom fields but still no luck.

    I use an FTP client to upload my images. Do I have to use the WP interface?

    Do the images for the feature section have to be in the wp-content\uploads directory?

  59. @ Marco – Upgrade to WordPress 2.7
    @ Gianluca – see comment above re plugin

  60. Sorry for the double post but I forgot to mention that I have the correct category id’s. I can see the text in the correct position but no images.

  61. Hello, please i need one help for your theme.
    My thumb d’ont work, i insert custom fields….
    I need work images wth lightbox but thi d’ont wok, i see functions and images.php and i think it’s problem…. You help me.
    I’am sorry my english… 🙂
    I want to thank you for this beautiful theme !

  62. Ok I give up. I’ve used the custom field before and the resizing feature. The entry-preview images are not showing up. Everything is correct. Didn’t even try the featured image. I turned off all my plugins and still nothing. I thinking that I must Refresh install wordpress because there is to much garbage interfering under the hood.

  63. To all the people having problems with the thumbnails – let me say that if you follow the instructions it works fine.

    This is probably a dumb comment, but hey there are lots of dumb people around… to all the people having problems with the custom fields – you need to use the keys “preview-big” and “entry-preview” – but WITHOUT the “quotes”.

  64. Having the same problem as everyone else with the images. I’ve deactivated all plugins, but still have the same problem, the wordpress is a fresh install so see no reasons why that would be the problem. I’m putting in the information correctly into the custom field, i.e. name – preview-big value – the source link for the image.

    Any other ideas would really appreciate the help as this is a cracking theme and I really want to use it on my site.

    Thanks for any help you may be able to give.


  65. Sorry to posts another comment but I think I may have found something that could help explain why it’s not working on my site.

    I looked at the page source for the theme on premiumwp and the page source on my site and found this.



    On the Premiumwp site it has “2php1” in there and not on my site. Does this mean anything to anyone? Does anyone know what “2php1” is?


  66. Hello again,

    RE: Blurry or Distorted Pics

    I’m still having problems with the images displaying properly on the home page ( the entry-preview ones) They look distorted and or blurry.
    I thought maybe it was a pixel size problem.

    To narrow down the problem I decided to use an actual picture off of your demo site. (If it looks good on the demo, then it should look good on mine, right?)

    I went to your demo site, saved a picture (actually it was the Disney magical beauty picture) three ways:

    1- As you have it in your post – 350 x250

    2- As you have on the front page right thumbnail – 75 x 65

    3- As you have it under the Beauty category -256 x 110

    I put each size in the “entry-preview” section and:

    – The 350×250 displayed the best of the 3 but was a little blurry
    -The 75×65 was awful
    -The 256×110 was worse

    Is there something I’m missing here? It really looks bad for the pictures to be blurry.
    Is there a certain size pic that needs to be put in that “custom fields section” for it to display correctly on the home page?

    Thank you

  67. @ Ryan – ‘2php1’ is part of the name of one jpeg picture file on the site as in: timthumb2php1.jpeg

  68. Oh, I need to add that if I click the BEAUTY CATEGORY the picture displays as a perfectly clear 258 x 110.

    I click on properties of the picture (located on the home page) on your demo site and it shows this:

    I click the properties of that same picture on mine and it shows this;

    Why is mine coming up 120 x 80?
    I haven’t changed anything – Do you know what I can do fix this probem?

    Thank you so much

  69. Some important things to note regarding automatic image resizing
    The theme uses the TimThumb PHP script to automatically create and resize the thumbnail images, and in order for it to work properly you need to take note of the following:

    – TimThumb requires the GD library, which is available on any host sever with PHP 4.3+ installed.
    – The theme has a cache folder for the thumbnail images located at \thestars\scripts\cache which requires proper write permissions. If your host server doesn’t allow this by default, be sure to manually change the /cache/ folder permissions to 777.
    – In addition, make sure the \scripts\ folder (thestars\scripts\) is set to 777.
    – Use absolute paths for your images in the custom fields.

  70. DM – please be sensible with your picture dimensions and aspect ratios for the thumbnails. You cant expect a square picture to be automatically resized and look great as rectangle thumbnail, or a 75 x 65px picture to look sharp and undistorted when resized as a 258x110px thumbnail for example.

    For best results you can always just manually make the thumnails images the exact size if you so desire. See my comment above for exact pixel dimensions for the thumbnails.

  71. Hello my problem resolved… (thestars\scripts\) is set to 777 and voilá

  72. Fixed it in the home.php

  73. That’s it; TimThumb is my problem with images. I am creating a site on my company’s development server and have limited write access.

    Can I remove the postthumb call from the loop and still have my thumbnail images show up? I would rather handle images manually.

    Thanks, I really want to make “The Stars” work for my project.

  74. @PremiumWP

    Thanks!! your Solution to set (thestars\scripts\) to 777 finally makes the images appear :))

    I think you should include it in the ReadMe instruction, but anyhow, you made explanation here. You are still great!! You provide this beautiful template for free and you also very helpful :))

    Big thank you.

  75. PremiumWP your a legend, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question.

    I changed the \thestars\scripts\cache to 777 and it’s working perfectly.

    I’ll be sure to send people to your site whenever anyone asks me where they can get some good wordpress themes.

    Thanks so much


  76. Have tried to assign the front page categories but nothing is showing up. For the featured and sidebar sections it just shows the latest posts. Here’s an example of my home.php lines 3 & 4

    $headline_cat = “featured”;
    $front_cat_list = “restaurants,hotels,nightlife,entertainment”;

    Am I doing something wrong?


  77. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    @Duncan – Read comment #53

  78. Is there any way to expand the footer to include some widgets (i.e., most commented, random posts, etc.)? I pulled in my footer code from my Arthemia theme that allowed it at the bottom but that didn’t work. Didn’t want to bang my head on the wall if it’s just not going to be possible regardless. Anyone have some insight? Thanks!

  79. How hard is it to change the color Scheme?

    Is it CSS based or is it photo?

  80. I’m having a slight problem with the way that the selected categories are showing up on the main page.

    I want the categories to appear in the following order- #4,#2,#3,#1.

    However, they are appearing in straight numerical order.

    Is there a way to fix this?


  81. @ Michelle – thats a pretty big mod, which is possible, but your on your own for that one.

    @ Eric – CSS, have a go.

    @ FilmBuffRich – you will have to modify this line of code in the home.php file:
    $categories = get_categories(“orderby=ID&order=asc&hide_empty=1&hierarchial=0&include=$front_cat_list”);

    If you need help see

  82. I found that it was another plugin that was causing the SEO plugin to mess up the theme. I got rid of that plugin since it’s not all that important to my site and now everything works.



    I am having image problems as well, it should be displaying properly but it doesnt seem to be showing.

    If anyone can help me set this up ill pay 20$ for the fix!


  84. @ AndrewP – Have you changed the required folder permissions to 777? See comment #76

  85. yes i have with no success , im really determined to get this working though. would i be able to pay someone to assist me?

  86. The theme is running like a charm in IE 7. However, when I view it in FF 3.0.5 the “preview-big” 390 x 252 image does not display but the “preview-big” 60 x 60 thumbnail does.

    The only way I can get the “preview-big” 390 x 252 image to display in FF is to make the source image smaller than 390 x 252. Of course then it’s blurry.

    Any ideas?

  87. Hello,

    I just updated my computer and it is now using IE 7.0.5730.13 and my website is not displaying the posts correctly on the home page. The ones under the large pictures. The sentences are all on top of one another.
    I went to your demo site and yours looks fine. Do you have any idea why mine is acting that way?

  88. When leaving a comment asking for advice please include a link to your website so that people can actually see your problem. You will have a better change of receiving help if you include a link.

  89. I apologize for for not posting a link, but, I am working on a development server that is not accessible outside the company. I was hoping my previous post was clear and to the point.

    The Stars theme continues to impress. Nice job.

  90. Hi!
    Does anyone know how to add ” pages ” like the ” about ” page to the NAV MENU while keeping the categories ?

  91. I also apologize for not adding a website link. I am completely in the testing mode ( I’m new to WordPress, so I’m trying to figure that out along with your theme). If you see some of your content or pictures it’s because I’m testing. Don’t worry, I will remove it as soon as I’m up and running.

    I want (need) to ad an image between the Flickr feed and main content.
    I added an image on line 67

    <?php _e

    It looks perfect in Opera and IE6 but not IE7. Is there some tag or code I can put there to make it look right for IE7. Note: if I remove the image the look is fine.

    Thank you and I would be willing to contribute something for you help.
    I know you are being bombarded with questions from everyone.


  92. The code did not display in the above comment. Here it is again


    <?php _e””

  93. Well, I can’t get it to display. I just added the li id adx100 adblock code before the div categories

  94. Hi!
    With well over 9000 posts in my database custom fields and batch resizing does not feel like a good idea. No need to convert the 8500 old posts anyway.
    Then I just notized that Darren Hoyt has managed to get automatic thumbs creation for his latest version om Mimbo (3.0).
    Would it be possible for WPpremium to do this for TheStars theme?
    I for one would love it.

  95. @ AFD

    Adding Pages to the top of the Menu:

    First: open up the header.php from your theme editor.

    Second: Look for this line of code:

    Third: Then Add this line of code:

    So the complete code should look like this:

    or check out: This Article

  96. I am having a problem with the images, ive done everything you have told me, With the 777 writeable to the correct custom field tag yet the images still refuse to show. The script must be working as its showing them resized in the cache folder, Its just not displaying them on the site. Ive disabled plugins but it still doesnt show them. Ive uploaded the theme with its original name doing the same as before and it still doesnt work, i uploaded it calling it something else and it still doesnt work. HELP!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE. I really like this theme but if i cant get it to show the images i wont be able to use it.

    (we love lily) is the example post to show its not working.

  97. Is there a way to make the slideshow content change from 1 topic to another. Right now its like fixed on the latest post. Normally slideshows rotate from 1 post to another…. Could someone help me out with this?

  98. I love this theme but I’m not a big fan of the TimThumb script. It heavily processes the images and creates a second image in the cache. The blurry and highly compressed images do not match the quality of “The Stars” theme.

    I am currently working on bypassing TimThumb in the “Latest News” section. I will post my solution when I’m done.

    @ Prem – I have swapped out the existing slideshow with JonDesign’s SmoothGallery 2.1. It works well and you can set the parameters for timing the slideshow. This solution also resolves my issues with TimThumb. Pictures are crystal clear and there is only one image to deal with. You will have to manually code the link from the image to the post but there are always trade-offs.

    @ Prem – How are you getting the “Related Headlines” at the bottom of your posts. Is that a plugin?

  99. @ Marco

    Thanks for the above information. I wanted to know that, too. Hey I was wondering if you could help me with a couple of problems?

    1: How to add a set of 2 – 125 x 125 ad blocks (side by side) to the sidebar.php
    I need them to line up correctly and look good.

    2: How to add an image to the home.php between the flickr feed and the “Latest News” section. I put one there and it looks fine in Opera, but IE7 is showing words on top of words in the post section under latest news.
    I figure there is some php or html code that would allow some break or something that would fix the problem. Some thing that would push that section down??? Visit my site to see what I mean. Please realize that this site is a work in progress and have used some pics from the demo for testing purposes.

    Thank you!

  100. Just a quick note to those struggling with images here. I just verified on my installation of the theme, if I change the permissions of the scripts and cache file to 777…it breaks all the images on the site.

    If I set the permissions on both to 755 (no write access for group or world), everything works except the supersleight.js script.

  101. JB that tip still doesnt work
    images a no show. Like i said the script resizes them perfectly, but it doesnt show them on the website its self.

  102. @Ian your have the same of my problem.
    you should contact your hosting support and then he will fix it
    i also contact my hosting support and then he said
    “I’ve identified and whitelisted the rules that were blocking your sites. There was also a file permissions problem” so he fix it and i can use this theme.

    sorry my english is not good but i hope you can understand.

  103. curious as to what the commentsold.php is for? when i changed over to this theme, i get a fatal call referencing commentsold.php on a few articles down in the comments section.

    cannot get the author avatar to work. changed out avatar_blank to my avatar name in both php code and in the file folder… now it’s just an X where the pic should be. can’t make it go away either…

    @Marco, the pages code did not work. broke the blog. i commented on this on your site as well…

  104. @DM

    1. I’ve added those 125/125 boxes on my site and I will post how to do it shortly.

    2. You can see how to ad that banner here

    I also added Google ads in my comments section too if your interested.

  105. @Marco

    Thank you. I appreciate your help. I left a comment on your site.
    Looking forward to the 125/125 instructions.

    @ Marco or Anyone

    I want to add something right before the “close body tag” on the home page.
    How to I do it? What file?

    How to delete a tag. I accidentally added the tag “add tag” and have no idea where to delete it.

  106. The ‘print this post’ and ’email this post’ options take me to a ‘not found’ page (just like in the functional demo). I am using WordPress 2.7 and have updated all of the plugins. What am I missing?

  107. Does anyone know how to change the name on the rss feed. I want it to reflect my website name, not the author name.

    It’s located in the home.php SUBSCRIBE

  108. @DM

    Do you mean in your header.php where you put the feedburner code?

  109. Is there any way to get the entry_preview images on the category pages to link to posts like they do on the home page?

    In other words, if you click an image under latest news you go to that post. On the category pages the link is not assigned to the images.

  110. Hi I’ve done everything suggested with regards to the images, including the file permissions, custom fields etc, and I have an up to date version of PHP but the images still won’t show. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be the case? If I can’t fix it I think I’ll switch to another template. I like Revolution2 templates because the scripts are so good and I’ve had no problems with them.


  111. @ Marco, PremiumWP, anyone

    I meant the home.php where people can subscribe to my post.
    See that button at the top of the home page.
    I want it to show from my website not the author


  112. I signed up with feedburner and entered my username per the instructions.
    The counter is still blacked out.
    What am I missing?

    Thank you

  113. DM – Not really sure what your talking about in comment #122.
    Regarding the feedburner counter in the HEADER.PHP file, make sure you enter the exact url you get from Feedburner in the TWO places on line #75 of the header.php. Where is says ‘’ and ‘’ – just replace with your feedburner URL.

  114. Dawn – am having the same problem as you, ive done everything suggested and its still not having it. I know its not my host either as Arthemia uses the same script and that works fine so why it not working?

  115. Hi folks,

    After my whinging about the images not working I have got them up and running. My problem was that in the home.php file I had not listed the categories that I wanted for the images I wanted to display in the gallery. I am not quite sure why my thumbnails have started working. They didn’t last night but do now so it may be that I need to clear history and the cache. I hope that helps some of those who were stuck like me.

    You can see my test site at which will eventually be up as the magazine at

    All the best


  116. hi I tried installing in on my server and it does not show up in my admin panel. I have the new updated release of WordPress which is 2.7.1

    Is there anyway you can make it compatible for the latest release?

  117. The theme is compatible with WordPress 2.7.1

  118. Does anyone know how to get custom permalinks to work?

    Only the default “ugly” permalinks will work and when I try to change them I get an error page when clicking the new links.

    Help please 🙂

  119. Hi,

    First of all thanks for such a beautiful theme.

    I´m having problems with having the glider box to display.

    It doesn´t display at all, my “featured” cat id is 4

    So on my home.php it looks like that:

    $headline_cat = 4;
    $front_cat_list = “1,2,3,4”;

    and I also changed the other two lines:


    The entry-preview images are displayed fine, but as I said… glider doesn´t even show up, just a blank box. I have no clue what could be wrong, since all settings seem to be in order. I even tried putting different categories as featured but it didn´t help.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  120. Sorry, forgot to mention that I get an alert saying:

    “No content exists at page1! Loading 1st page instead.”

    I heard this happens if you don´t choose the featured category correctly, but like I said, I´ve chosen it and even experimented with different id numbers but the results were all the same.


  121. Ok ok, you can call me dumb lol.

    Why the heck did I suppose I should touch the:


    on the first place…

    Sorry for being so nosey.

    I removed the cat id from those lines and everything is fine.

    Thanks again!

  122. Wow, I just got the IMAGES working!
    Currently my script and cache folders are 755 and my thumbs are displaying clear, not distorted.

    I believe it had something to do with my absolute path.
    Before my “absolute path” began like this “http://www…. ”

    I decided to change my absolute path.
    So now it looks like this “/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/image.jpg” Dropping the “http://www…” from the absolute path.

    After many many failed attempts, I almost followed mscott’s hack and bypass the TimThumb completely.

    Anyways somehow it is working. I’m pretty certain that changing the path is what made it work for me.

    Just thought I’d add this for others. You don’t know how long I’ve been at this. geesh. I can finally get to modding the other areas.

    And for the record I tried both 755 & 777 repeatedly with no luck until I changed my path.

    I’m with HostGator by the way and they do confirm on their site that they are up to date with the GD Library.

    Check your Paths people!

  123. How would I go about adding a contact or about page link show up on the black menu bar?

  124. I love this theme and its been performing very well for me over the past couple of weeks.

    One question I have though is when you click on the thumbnail image in the featured content gallery it doesn’t go to the article – how would i make it so the thumbnail links to the article?

    Thanks again for a beautiful easy to customize theme!

  125. Hello all,

    Great theme, I’m using it here, and just wanted to post some useful info about the featured content glider, which should go through the current 3 featured articles with the used settings, but it does not.

    You should modify the following piece of code for it to work:

    just after add and just before in your home.php

    also edit your screen.css file by adding:

    #headline .glidecontenttoggler .prev, #headline .glidecontenttoggler .next {
    display: none;

    Thumbs up for this one, waiting for more 🙂

  126. @JoJo: Open up the header.php and find:

    <?php wp_list_categories('orderby=ID&order=ASC&depth=3&title_li=&exclude='); ?>

    Add this on the line just below:

    <?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?>

    See an example of pages on the nav bar in action at:

  127. @JoJo

    You can see how to add pages to the main menu here

    Thanks to mscott on his comment.

  128. @The Mall

    “You should modify the following piece of code for it to work:

    just after add and just before in your home.php”

    Modify what following piece of code?

    I added the next line of code within the “screen.css” just fine. But could you specify which line of code to “modify” in the home.php.


  129. The code to edit in home.php:

    <a href="#" class="prev"></a> after <div id="teaser" class="glidecontenttoggler"> and

    <a href="#" class="next"></a> just before </div><!– .glidecontenttoggler –>

    sorry for the mess.

    in screen.css

    #headline .glidecontenttoggler .prev, #headline .glidecontenttoggler .next {
    display: none;

  130. @The Mall, Marco and again mscott

    Thank you guys so much! It’s turning out to be a wonderful theme.

    I might add, incase some might find it useful, the following script can be adjusted to change the speed (500) of the glide content, as well as the time (3000,2) it takes for the next thumbnail/post to change. I think higher numbers mean slower frames??

    Adjust this script within Header.php:

    gliderid: “headline-content”,
    contentclass: “glidecontent”,
    togglerid: “teaser”,
    remotecontent: “”,
    selected: 0,
    persiststate: false,
    speed: 500,
    direction: “leftright”,
    autorotate: true,
    autorotateconfig: [3000, 2]

    I adjusted my speed to (700) and my autorotateconfig to (3500, 0) for it to move a tad bit slower. Changing autorotateconfig from 2 to 0, I believe loops it continuously.

  131. why i Can’t dvide latest news blocks..

    when i change the $front_cat_list = “5,17,9”; the code like this
    $front_cat_list = “5,17,9,1”; so adding one more category make the template wrong.. i cant dvide the blocks like 5,17 in top and then blank and then 9,1..

    how can i do that? any idea?

  132. A friend helped me figure out how to find out what my category ID numbers were in order to set my categories on my home page. I had to click on “Categories” and move my mouse over a category; the ID showed up below in my browser’s status bar!

    … now on to figuring out the pictures…

    Nice template by the way 🙂

  133. I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to “JoJo” for post #134!! My pictures finally shooowww! After 2 hours of trying to get them to work, I’m so happy right now 😀

    I too changed my settings back to “755” since the “777” didn’t do anything.
    I did as you did: I took out the “http://” and my domain name, and my pictures started showing up!

    Thanks to all the contributors on this thread!

  134. @ TheMall … hello. please give me an Yahoo or Skype or Gmail messenger ID to talk with you about fixing the problem with images. I’v tried all the solutions from here and no results. Thanks & waiting your answer. Send the id on my email for confidentiality.

  135. I forgot to leave my email … i will contact you on your website email adress. 🙂

  136. Amazing theme!! My image rotator never got around to working so we had to chop it off. But does anyone know how we can fix our Archives page? Please it is very very important


  137. Okay, someone asked me how to add those 125×125 advertising boxes to the sidebar.

    So if anyone is interested just click here

  138. @ Leonardo Added you to Y!M

  139. I have installed several wordpress themes, but I cannot figure this one out for the life of me.

    I keep getting error messages in post and one of my categories is no longer functional (cat ID3). Can anyone advise?

    Site Link-


  140. Hey together,
    can someone tell me where to change the background color and the other colors like the buttons etc?
    Thanks in advance

  141. @ Paige – Do you have all the plugins activated?

  142. Please I need help with my archives page. It does not work. 🙁

  143. @ letitia – blatantly going against the Usage Agreement of this theme, then asking for help is not cool.

  144. what is the usage agreement??? i have no idea..our designer did it for us..i would never do that. please let me know what it is and i will fix it


  145. I could be wrong, but I believe you’re supposed to leave the Premium WP credit in the footer. It looks like you’ve taken it out.

  146. Thanks everyone for your solutions. Your posts have really helped me get the best use out of this template. I have a question:

    Q: How do I get my comments to show on my Pages (not ‘Posts’)?

    Before using this template, my comments were displaying on my pages (because I have comments turned on for them). People were commenting on my Pages just like my Posts. But once I switched to using this template, no comments are showing up on any of my pages, just my blog posts. Comments are still showing as turned on. How can I fix this?


  147. Ohhh ok, thanks so much Jessi. I am happy to add it back. Anyone knows what its suppose to say?

    Also, how can I fix my archives page??

    Thanks in advance

  148. Letitia,

    It should say “Design by Premium WordPress” where it currently says “Design by Equal Design”. Just explain to your designer that per usage of the design, this has to remain in the footer. You could probably put “Additional coding provided by Equal Design”, correct PremiumWP? I think once you have this done, you can ask for help with your archives problem.

  149. Thank you Betty, I very much appreciate the help. I am clueless when it comes to design, so I didn’t even know the theme had a usage agreement. I have changed it now 🙂

    Can anyone explain how to fix my archives pages?

    Thanks again!

  150. Can anyone please help me with my archives page!!!???

  151. Hi!

    Thanks so much for responding. I did actually install the plugin and get this fatal error code: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare car_total_posts() (previously declared in /home/thelrepo/public_html/dujourmag/wp-content/plugins/clean-archives-reloaded.php:310) in /home/thelrepo/public_html/dujourmag/wp-content/plugins/clean-archives-reloaded/clean-archives-reloaded.php on line 317

    Any ideas??

  152. Hi everyone!

    Seing the Star Theme demo, i was entousiastic but, i uploaded the theme on either a 2.7 and 2.7.1 WP version and it does not appear on my admin theme choices panel… …does anyone knows what to do?



  153. letitia – sorry don’t know what’s causing that error. As I cant see what other plugins and settings you have its too difficult to tell. I would suggest trying to isolate the problem by turning off other plugins etc to see if they are causing a conflict.

    Emmanuel – try disabling all your plugins first and see if that works.

  154. @letitia: Plugins conflicted !

    You must disable the Clean Archives Reloaded plugin.

  155. First off, tremendously good theme. Second, I’m having trouble with the home page not displaying more than two categories under the “Latest News” section even though I’ve got four defined in row 4 of the home.php file.

    My list looks like:
    $front_cat_list = “Games,Celebri-Tee,Sci Fi,Science”;

    and I also tried just using the numbers like:
    $front_cat_list = 43,57,51,172;

    but for some reason I only ever get the first two.

    Any ideas what might be happening?

  156. Hey Matthew,

    I see you have another category set up. Are you still having trouble?

  157. Marco,

    Yes, I’m still having problems. I’ve noticed that I’ve had to toggle between themes to get edits to show up immediately. There must be some kind of page caching going on that is reset with a new theme applied?

    So after I updated with a new ‘Science’ category story then the science category suddenly appeared. But the fourth category, no matter what I do, is still not showing up.

    My line number 4 in home.php is:
    $front_cat_list = “43,57,51,172”;

    What’s bizarre is if I change the 172 to something completely bogus, like:
    $front_cat_list = “43,57,51,notrealcategory”;

    Then I now only have 2 categories displayed on the front page (after toggling themes).

    If I just start adding categories like:
    $front_cat_list = “43,57,51,172,56,44”;

    categories 43,57,51, and 44 appear (and certainly not in the order of categories that I define in the list).

    Right now category appearance on the home page seems to be pulling randomly whatever it wants from the list. How do I get certain categories to appear?

  158. I still need help with my question (# 158.). I would like to know how to get my comments to show up again on my pages where comments once showed using a previous theme.

    I also cannot get my ads to show up (other than the top banner)… but I will try to figure that one out. <—- NEEDS HELP

  159. Bessie: To enable comments on a page – in the custom field section of the page where you want comments to appear add a key+value of “comments” to enable comments on that page. Key Name = “comments”, value = “comments”.

  160. I have my images appearing but can’t seem to find my flickrrss.

    I have a flickr account. How can I have my flickr photos appear in the photo shots area (and take out the default pictures)?


  161. Amazing theme. I say it as a wordpress theme developer myself 😀

  162. Bookmarks are not working well (in FF3). They open in a sidemenu at the left. Is there an alternative for this?

  163. I forgot to tell another thing:

    When doing a search with search link in header… if no results are fount you get the search page saying there are no results… try again using different keywords… with a search button. WHATEVER you type in here… it will always return the homepage… even if there should be some results.

    Maybe these small issues can be fixed somehow?

    But besides these two issues. This is one hell of a theme 🙂 very very nice work. Grateful for this. Thanks.

  164. Hi everyone, i have a big problem, when i upload this theme it does not show up in appearance, i have tried to upload it a hundred times but it does not work. I have never had this problem before. Do i need to be a premium costumer to use the theme?

    I have been searching for a long time to find the perfect theme and now when i finally found it it does not work. Please help me

  165. Julia – Bookmarks and search function work fine. Take a look at the theme demo

    Laiz – so whats the problem? looks fine to me.

    Matina k – Try turning off all your plugins first

  166. This is a stunning theme and could be put to so many potential uses! I’ve added the theme to, our listing of the best WordPress themes on the planet. Great work!

  167. @PremiumWP
    I don’t know how, but indeed bookmarks are working fine now. I’m absolutely sure they opened in a sidebar at the left instead of the whole screen. But now they seem to work correctly.

    The search function however still is the same. When you insert a search keyword at the header it works fine. You will be redirected to the search page with either the results or a message stating that there are no results. I then asks you to try searching with other keywords and there is a searchfield with a search button. When you enter a keyword and click on search it will redirect to the frontpage without any notice. It does not matter which keywords you enter here. It ALWAYS goes to the frontpage and in the url you see:

    This would make the searchfield on the search page useless. Only the search in the header works.

  168. @letitia – To fix your archive page try this:

    Open the sidebar.php file and change the word /archives to /archives/
    Notice that you are simply adding a slash. Below is the line you are looking for with the change made.

    <span class="browse"><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/archives/" title="Browse the archives"><?php _e( 'Browse the archives', 'wpbx' ) ?></a></span>

  169. The “Expand All” does not work on my Archive page. I noticed that “Expand All” does not exist on the Live Demo.

    How can I remove “Expand All” button on the archive page?

  170. Hi everyone, i have a big problem, when i upload this theme it does not show up in appearance, i have tried to upload it a hundred times but it does not work. I have never had this problem before. Do i need to be a premium costumer to use the theme?

    I have been searching for a long time to find the perfect theme and now when i finally found it it does not work. Please help me

    Matina k – Try turning off all your plugins first

    All plugins are off but it still does not work!!???

  171. I LOVE this theme! I’ve looked all over, and this is an awesome magazine style template for wordpress.

    I have most of my tweaking done but have one thing that I would like to do but can’t figure out how.

    I love the way my main page is now but wanted to add an additional page that lists my latest posts with the full content like on most main pages of a blog. Where it lists a certain amount and then you can click on a link for previous entries to see more. I would like it be able to sort all the posts by date. This wouldn’t be in place of the main page, which I love, but just an additional link for reading all of the posts in order by date.

    Is this possible? I’ve tried but just seem to be missing something.

    Thanks so much for an amazing theme!

  172. Julia – Will look into the search issue

  173. Thank you for the answer to my question (#173). This activated comments for me. However, my old comments that were posted to those pages still do not show. But at least I have the comment box again for my pages… this is better than nothing 😉

    Thanks again!

  174. I am having trouble getting the area in the sidebar under “fashion week” to show up with little images and text. I have modified my sidebar.php and tried to get it to work there, and it won’t. It also will not work on the original sidebar.php, which I haven’t modified at all. I must be missing something.

    Has anyone had this problem, and if so, how did you fix it?


  175. Oh, and my archives link in the sidebar is not working. I installed the clean archives plugin, but it still won’t work. Any ideas?

  176. Hmmm….after seeing my last two questions, I realize the very first one I submitted must have not gone through. I just thought I wasn’t seeing it because it was in moderation, but that must not be the case since I can see the last two.

    I’ll try and recap what I said in my first post.

    First of all, I love this theme! It is GREAT! I love the look of it and the extras that it has in features! I am thrilled to have found it!

    I love the way the front page looks but wanted to add a link to a page that would show a certain number of latest posts and content with a link to show previous posts like you see on most blogs. This way people could read all the posts in order and without having to open them up individually…more journal like. I searched around and felt like I got close but was having trouble with the template layout.

    Has anyone else tried to do this, and if so how were you able to do this and keep the template layout?


  177. Bessie – Disappointing to see you abuse people’s generosity and removed credit links


    This theme it’s the most beautiful theme!!!

    I solved the IMG problem, dropping http://mydomain … so i also add “/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/metropolis-new-tower-of-babel.png”


  179. After another cup of coffee I discovered the answer to my question regarding “Expand All” on Archive page. To remove the “Expand All” button on the archive page simply, go to the plugin settings and uncheck the box labeled “Use Javascript to make the months collapsible”.

  180. I have a problem with popularity contest plugin

    I tried to activate it, but wp (ver 2.7.1) shows this message: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

  181. I want to change the “search” text on header’s top bar… how can i do it? (excuse my english please)

  182. Hi, my problem is still not solved, all plugin are turned off and the theme still does not show up in apperance. Please help me.

  183. My problem is solved now.

  184. I´m new to wordpress and need some help

    Who can I:

    1. Change the name of the tags and links? I need to change it all to swedish.
    2. Make my Image uploader work? I get a HTTP ERROR when i upload a picture.
    3. Change the name of the theme title: i want it to say Celebrity Gossip insted of The Stars.
    4. Change the background color of this theme

  185. mod the 2 files to 755 and images work.

    I really need a left sidebar to show ads. Doues anyone know how to do that?

    this theme is my favorite. spent about 10 hours going thru about 20 and testing them and this one is great. just need to add the take image from post like minbo does and WOW.

    thanks to anyone who can help me with the sidebar

  186. @PremiumWP . how can i arange the $front_cat_list how i want … for example they are aranged in ID order … but i want for example i have categories … 1,2,7,15,20,40,100 and i want to be shown not like that but like this 1,2,100,15,40,20 (for example) … i want to be in the order i want … not the order that he wants … can help me … i think is something with random, but i don’t know what and were to change. Thank you.

  187. @mscott
    [quote]After another cup of coffee I discovered the answer to my question regarding “Expand All” on Archive page. To remove the “Expand All” button on the archive page simply, go to the plugin settings and uncheck the box labeled “Use Javascript to make the months collapsible”.

    It works. You have to remove line 14 in header.php which says:

    The wp_head function is allready called at line 42:

  188. Very nice theme. how can i show only the first 40 chars of the title in featured section?

  189. Thanks Jojo for post # 134!

    Absolute SERVER paths not absolute HTTP paths.

    Great theme too, thanks premium word press.

  190. Hi guys, this is about the ContentGlider:

    Is it possible to load the first post when it loads for the first time? currently it loads blank white before the content slides.

    also, will it be possible to to have more than 3 posts to rotate? have you guys tried this?

    thanks in advance to replies…

  191. @ PremiumWP, I’m sorry can you tell me what credit links you’re referring to and what needs to be done?

  192. Bessie, the credit link code is in the original code of the footer.php file.

  193. @Julia – If I do that I loose my search feature.

  194. Owh my good !!
    Tanks your shard

  195. I apply same option for both website and at in sidebar flickrrss widgets is working but here theshoesguide com flickrrss plugin is not showing any photos.

    Plz correct me what i am doing wrong

  196. wow… amazing theme

    thx u…

  197. This may be a silly question, but I can’t seem to figure it out…

    Is there a way that I can tag a post with more than one category (where both are sub-categories of something) and not have duplicates of them pop up when viewing all?

    For example: I have a “News” category. Inside it I have a “Sports” category and a “headlines” category. When I click on “news” to view all stories, I see duplicates od any post that is assigned more than 1.

    I would really appreciate any help that you might offer…


  198. Thanks Jojo for post # 134!

    Hostgator likes jojo’s method!

  199. hi,
    thank you for the excellent theme.

    I want to have not 2 but 3 columns for the front page category & post listings. can anyone help with what I need to adjust with CSS files.

    I have made everything smaller so there is room for it in front page but still it shows only 2 columns and leaves the rest space blank 🙂

    thank you all for the great work.

  200. Hi,
    I got below error when using the default sidebar :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function strip_shortcodes() in /home/web/public_html/wp-content/themes/thestars/functions.php on line 491

    seem like the site had problem when trying to execute the

    any help?

  201. hello,i love this theme. one question,when open my site (,the pic couldn’t display correctlly,but fresh it,it works. everytime,it does. I have checked the “readme”,nothing needs to change. Sever is windows platform.



  202. Hi, great theme, however I’m already having troubles and I haven’t even finished posting 1st entry… Trying to get the image function to work and “Add a new custom field”, then I type “preview-big” and WordPress displays that “An unidentified error has occurred.”

    Any idea where that would come from?

    Many thanks.

  203. Forget comment about inserting Custom field – it was me. However I am now getting a Fatal error: Call to undefined function when I try to view my post online.

  204. Whatever I do or try, there will not appear a gravator/author image next to the author information.. what did I do wrong?

  205. This is one of the best themes I’ve seen in a while. Really deserves to have a paid support option, especially with this traffic =)

    Also having issues with the popularity contest plugin. Keeps giving me fatal errors.

    You should really consider a separate site with support for this theme.

  206. i’m sure to manually change the /cache/ folder permissions to 777 (or 755).
    I read and followed the instructions carefully many times but the problems is still.
    the pics cann’t also display , i use the pic’s url, erro tips:

    You don’t have permission to access /wordpress/wp-content/themes/thestars/scripts/timthumb.php on this server.

    plz,help me thanks a lot

  207. Hi! I love your theme. I am running into a problem with using Widget_Logic and your theme. I would like to have different sidebars for each page/category of content. Is there a way to do this? I’m reading Sidebar.php which makes a dynamic_sidebars call. I have widget_logic installed but it seems to totally ignore that plugin.

    Thank you for all your help,

  208. I still having a problem with auto thumb image.
    my hosting got GDlibrary 2 installed and active but still not manage to make the themes work with autothumb..

  209. Please can you guys release a paid version of the theme with theme panel and extra features.

    I want to use this theme and a theme panel will be convenient. Please give option to automatically show thumbnails.

  210. Hi there and great job WP.
    So im new here, ive tested the them several times but before ill go live i have one big problem.Ev else is working !
    How i can put in sidebar when a guest is reading an article from category X to see last 5 articles form that category and so on if reading from Y, in sidebar to see last 5 articles from Y. Because standard its show only first category insidebar. it dosent depends where are you browsing ( in wich category are you and reading an article ) it shows always the same category.
    thank you in advance and Best Regards

  211. How many people would be in interested in a paid version of The Stars theme with extra features and support etc? If so tell us what things you would like to be included / removed, modified in the theme.

  212. Im interested in a paid version only if you can make for me the issue i have to work and also if ill pay to remove the branding from bottom.
    So i really need to make it working ( see my problem up , about the category: when a guest is reading an article from x category in sidebar to be listed under arhives the last 5 articles for X category and so on, not always the first category)
    best regards

  213. I would love a paid version!

    Important things to include:
    1) Automatic thumbnails
    2) Easy AdSense integration (top banner, 300×250 square, skyscraper and a banner in the article)
    3) Feedreader newsletter subscription
    4) Completely customizable sidebar
    5) Option of choosing a thumbnail size/proportions
    6) Easy way to manage author gravatar icons
    7) Related articles /image galleries on the bottom of each article
    8) color options
    9) Option of how long the content is, or view articles by headline only

    Must keep the tabbed content in the sidebar

  214. I agree with the Easy AdSense integration and color options- which in my case would be a clean, white theme. Also, instead of locating the author’s bio at the end of every article, I prefer a link from the author’s byline to a bio page where all the author’s bio at located.

  215. A paid version would be great. I’d definitely buy it. However, I think adding Adsense to it and the author pages is pretty easy and that there should be bigger features added, like a video category page.

  216. This is one awesome theme. Will definitely use this one for my blog 😉 Thank you good people 😀

  217. wonderful, i’ve been looking for a theme for “century” and i already found a perfect one for my need..

  218. I love the look of this theme and it suits the needs I am having for the site, but I am having no luck getting the theme to show in the admin panel. I have turned off all plugins except for the required ones of the theme, and I am running on wordpress 2.7.1.

    I would really like to be able to use this but with out it showing properly in the manage theme page I can’t even activate it.

    I would greatly appreciate some advice on this if possible.

    Thank you

  219. I got the file to work. It seems that not having it in a root folder such as /thestar/ then the files causes wordpress to not recognize it.

  220. Wp ratings…

    I would like to see my ratings (the wp post rating stars) on the category pages only. The STARS are not showing, only the text saying 2 votes etc.
    Is this because the catergory.php template won’t show any images in the description?
    Is this due to the limit post plugin?
    How do I make this work?

    Thank you

  221. I just found this theme and it really is great…

    I just cannot make it work properly for me and it seems that the credit info has dropped off the home page (but is on the other pages, which is odd as I havent played around with the footer code).

    My main issue is the featured content glider. I have no idea how to make it appear. As you can see, my home page has nothing on it and I have made the changes as per the categories instructions above, but obviously I have missed something…

    My site is just being developed and it is in the really early stages…

  222. Just a note here – I had to remove the following PHP code from home.php to make it work properly! For some reason that causes me such a headache in trying to work out why it wasnt working when I was following the instructions:


    And regarding the people who couldnt make the theme work at all, I had the same problem until I realised I had to move the theme files from a subfolder to the root TheStarsTheme fold and hey presto, it came alive…

  223. The code that is hidden above was regarding function “the_content_limit”, which exists in two places in home.php

  224. You should totally offer a paid version of The Stars theme (keeping the average WP user in mind)!!! I think it is one of your best magazine themes (one of the best themes I’ve seen so far actually). You should include the same features as the Smooth theme + more customization (things like ability to change logo, background colors, bullets, proprer image gallery instead of link to flickr, etc.) As for the layout, don’t change anything. You did a great job! I look forward to buying this theme!!! Thank you

  225. am I the only one or is it not working on IE anymore?

  226. Hi, thanks for this nice Theme.
    I want to change the colours of the glider (the featured content section) and i don’t know where to do that.

    Thank U

  227. I am wondering if anyone has worked out how to implement the plugin with the function “the_content_limit”, to make the theme work properly?

    Whenever I enable it, it just makes my pages not work (ie nothing displays)… and I get an error in the page.

    Has anyone else encountered this? And if so, how did you resolve it?


  228. @Francois – you can edit the featured post colours in your style sheet
    Appearance > Editor

    Make sure you save the current style sheet (somewhere) in case you make a mistake and want to revert back to the old style. Make one change at a time and then view your page before making any further changes… this saves a lot of hassle and time figuring out which changes you liked best…


  229. Hola: Como puedo hacer para tener 2 featured content glider, uno con determinada categoría, y otro con otra.
    Quiero dejar el que viene por defecto, y poner otro en lugar del flikrrss.
    Contesten por favor a mi mail:
    La pagina web:

  230. premium wp sir…….

    first of all ur theme is excellent…no doubt about it..

    i have small doubts like……the thumbnails are not at all working….i have followed all the instructions given above there….but it doesnt work for me ……… plzz get my doubt clarified

  231. Hello everyone

    i custom the permalink like this:

    But the trouble is that now even if i edit the home.php ($front_cat_list = category1, category2“) of that superbe theme, the different category don’t appears in the home page.

    what can i do please?

  232. Hello,

    I’m wondering if the paid version is in the works or should I go ahead and purchase a different theme.
    I would need the theme in a month.

    Thank you & great job!

  233. Jesse – A commercial version of the Stars Theme with a whole range of additional features is in the pipeline. However it won’t be released in the next month.

  234. I am trying to download this theme and I am not sure how to d it

  235. i’m desperate. after almost 5 hours of trying to fix it, i think i’ll give up. (sorry for my english). the thumbnail images still don’t work. can somebody help me?

  236. nice theme, i used it in my site,

    but it only displays 5 categories in the front page, i have already changed the home.php code ,$front_cat_list = “1,2,3,4,5,6”; but it still displayed 5 categories. i want to make it 6. any help?

  237. I really love this theme, but the it won’t show in WordPress Administration Panel, could someone possibly help me understand why?

  238. I was able to figure it out, for anyone who can’t get the theme to show in administration panel you have to move files from the theme subfolder into root directory.

  239. People you DO NOT have to “move files from the theme subfolder into root directory” to get the theme to show in the administration panel.

    Just upload the correct theme folder which is called the ‘thestars’ to /wp-content/themes.

  240. superbe theme!
    but $headline_cat = x; for the featured category can show only one category.
    could it be possible to ad more than one category or i must wait the premium version?

  241. PremiumWP —

    When I uploaded “thestars” them to /wp-content/themes, it didnt upload correctly. I got some other subfolders under “TheStarsTheme”, which meant it wasnt displaying at all in my WP admin, ie /TheStarsTheme/theme/thestars/… then all the relevant files.

    I had to remove the sub-folders and move the files to the “TheStarsTheme” folder so that they were in the correct position. Some newbies wouldnt have a clue that this is what they need to do…

    I think that may be what Nubi is trying to say too.

    The other question I have is:

    Regarding the plugins folder – should I move all contents out of “TheStarsTheme” and into my actual plugins folder and remove that empty plugins folder from the theme folder?

    Would that make “limit-post.php” work properly, because at present it seems to make the pages that use it not function correctly? So that is why I have commented it out for now…

    I havent worked on my site any more lately, because I am still trying to figure out the answer to the above question. It’s probably a very simple question I am asking and may help everyone out (not just me).


  242. @PremiumWP:

    I’ve tried every possible alternative before posting here. I just can’t get the image previews to show up. I’m using the custom fields correctly (using preview-big and entry-preview and image URLs as value) and I’ve checked that my host is using PHP 5. So i don’t understand why I’m unable to view these images

    Here’s a link to my test blog

    Please help, coz I love this theme and I would really like to implement it on my blog

  243. excellent theme…. one of the best I have seen.
    I don´t know how to change de “search” button at the top of the page. I have translated all page to spanish, but i can´t find where is that button.

    Could you help me?

  244. For some reason the theme will not show up as an option on my wp dashboard. I’ve uploaded it through godaddy quite a few times and it still won’t show up, is there some type of delay??? HELP! 🙁

  245. ummm ok I mustve done something completely wrong! Nothing will show up on my site except for the top banner!

  246. Yep, I agree with Zana. I couldn’t get the theme to show up in my WP-admin even though. Since there are a few of us having this problem, perhaps you should look into it.

    Anyway, love this theme very much. Great job!

  247. It is a toss up between ‘The Stars’ and ‘ Massive Press’ but still not decided which of the two Themes I plan to use for my new political blog. Suffice to say however that The Stars is far better than ALL the paid for premium themes that I’ve researched – which well in excess of 60 themes.

    Before I rush in and set up my blog, I am mindful to go for the best and most pragmatic theme, quite ready to trade off functionality here and there.

    However that said, The Stars is hard to fault, it is a credit to the coders and designers who put it together and I for one will be making a donation of at least US$100 to the Publishers of the Stars if I eventually choose it. Yes, you have my promissory in writing – $100 – that’s how much I think of the theme!

    Kudos to the coders and publishers and great success for the future!

  248. I’m wondering if it has something to do with these people’s hosts? Because I’ve been using this theme since it was first released and it has been working like a charm with no problems whatsoever.

  249. Yemmi – Thanks for your kind words about The Stars theme. If the theme fits your needs and you decide to use it on your blog we would be happy. A donation is not required. Just enjoy the theme!

  250. it is kinda theme i was looking for from last 4 days. Gosh i found it and i am going to use it right now on my sms site.

  251. Congratulations for this beautifil theme.
    I have started to use this theme e few days ago and I have been able to understand most of what i have read. The only problem I don’t seem to understand is at “about author”. We are to girls as authors and we want both our names there. Whenever we publish something, there is only one of us. Please help me fix this because we really like this theme.

    Thank you!

  252. What I meant when I first wrote you is that when I publish something the photo on my name is the default “gravatar-blank.jpg”. Even when the other girl publishes the photo remains the same “gravatar-blank.jpg”. In other words, two different authors, but the same photo.

    What I want to know is this: Is there any way we can have our own photo?

    thank you!

  253. Hi I have a website I am looking to replace so am building my wordpress offline on xampp and can’t get this theme to work. I am putting my photos in the wordpress image library is that why? Also I am getting the following errors

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_content_limit() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\thestars\home.php on line 140

    also when I preview the home page I get pop up saying

    no content exists at page loading page 1 instead

    I have followed the instructions as far as I know but no doubt I have done something really silly. I am new to wordpress and am scratching my head. Looks really great so would love to get it working. Thanks in advance for any help.

  254. I must know- will there be a paid, improved (like it could get any better) version of The Stars? I’m considering postponing my blog if there is. And if so, when do you think it’ll be ready?

  255. We are done and wrapped with out WP Theme comparison analysis! Hurray!! 🙂

    Our objective function was simple: We want a 3-Column, visually stunning theme with a rich magazine look. We subsequently evaluated a myriad of paid for WP themes such as (a) Lifestyle (b) Metro (c) Abstract (d) Forward Thinking (e) Urban Element et al… We then looked at similar Open License themes such as The Stars, Massive Press, WP Premium, Magazeen etc and I think it comes as no surprise when I say we’ve chose THE STARS! And we have a $100 donation ready to help the coders and designer further their work on this stunning piece of software technology!

    Quite apart from the design centric layout of The Stars (it’s about Presentation! Presentation!! Presentation!!!) and not least the vibrant community on here plus the dedication of The Stars Support Team, who are only too keen to address any issues raised faster than one can say “Chappaquiddick” was the deciding factor for us.

    We’re not naive. We’re sure there will be some issues and indeed heartaches ahead during rollout, but we’re confident (from what we’ve seen on here) that The Stars community and The Stars People support people will help where they can.

    Our evaluation was a bruising experience as there are so many good themes out there, however, having undertaken a thorough, objective review of the WP theme space – there is no doubt in our minds that The Stars is a paragon theme in the WP space.

    Only one theme, sorry thing remains, that the WP people would be kind enough to send us a DONATION link via our email address – as we must INSIST on making a $100 donation for this excellent piece of Open Source software. That’s more than the ‘paid for themes’ are asking. The Stars is that good!


  256. PremiumWP – We’ve just made good on our promise and donated US$105 to your PayPal. Account after downloading The Stars theme.

    We have a suggestion however. We struggled a bit before we found the Donation button at the bottom of the page! Is it possible to place this button directly below the “Donwload” button so that others wishing to support your work can find it easily?


  257. Yemmi – Thank you so much for your donation.

    Betty – A commercial version of the theme with more features is in development. I can’t give a release date at the moment, so please don’t postpone starting your blog. You can always change themes later.

  258. I absolutely love this theme and i want to download it in my blog. I am struggling big time with this and i am getting an error message that states:


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_content_limit() in /home/amgllc/public_html/ on line 49

    By chance do you have someone on your staff who would be willing to get this all set up and running for me and i can pay for the service?

  259. Premium WP, what about me?Can U help me please?

  260. Nikki and others: If you are getting:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_content_limit()

    Please install the required limit-post.php plug-in as explained in the readme.txt file.

    Rosela: You need to you get your own Gravatars at for your author photos

  261. Ok thanks! i thought the plugin was in a folder but instead it is a php script. anyhow, can someone tell me how i can get the rss feed image the the top to show?

  262. Also, how do you change the link to correspond with the ads image? If i click on mine they all go to #?

  263. I actually figured out the above question. Thanks. Now i am still stuck on getting the RSS feed image to show and all of my pages are not showing either. I have my about me page and the archives page that are invisible.

  264. ok, i am really having some major difficulties with this. Is there any one that is familiar with the setup of this that can help for a fee? Everytime that i go into a specific post it is saying that that page is not found and i am not sure what is wrong now.

  265. hey guys Iv used this theme for my entertainment/lifestyle website and love it – Do take a look and tell me what you think.Im still improving stuff and the ‘Browse Archives’ link doesnt work anD I have no idea why (any help??) but Im so far so good :o)

    Its not been an easy process getting it done and at first like alot of people on here I couldnt even get it to show up in my admin panel. It took me a week of frustration trying to figure it out but finally,how I did it was as follows:
    When you download and upload the folder in your file content system (Im with GoDaddy) the root folder has to show as ‘the stars’. this ‘the stars’ folder is normally the 2nd folder within the file uploaded.So the first folder should be ‘the stars theme’ – click on that folder and you’ll come to ‘the stars’ folder. Now ignore the first folder and just download this folder contents. It should now show up in your wp admin panel.

    Now Im not the best at explaining these things but I hope this makes sense. Im not a computer expert, just like most of you guys. I wanted this theme soo bad and was just determined with it all. Dont give up! It worked for me and look what I did :o)

    Good Luck xXx

  266. Quick question. I want to remove the post excerpt, not the title, from the content glider.

    Any thoughts?

  267. How do you change the color of the background?

  268. @ Dave

    You can change the background color by editing the stylesheets.

  269. Thank you FilmBuffRich. I am in the masters page but not sure what is the name of the section that i should be looking at. I do not see a bacground section to make the adjustments.

  270. I’m glad to use this grate theme!
    Thank you & respect you!

  271. I’ve used this theme for my entertainment/lifestyle website and love it! :o) Iv changed some things like the background colour and used the photo shots section at the bottom of the page too.

    *Do take a look here:

    The only thing I have a problem with is the Archive browse tab. It directs to a broken links page which looks horrible. Any help on fixing this please??!

    Natalie xXx

  272. Iv added 2 detailed comments to this list and it doesnt publish on submit?! whats going on?

  273. I absolutely love this theme! I can’t believe it is free! Everything seems to be working perfectly except for the RSS image on the top right corner. I do not see the image in the image folder. How do i go about getting this taken care of? It is clickable to my RSS feedburnere, but the image is not there.

  274. For some reason my comments here arent being published.
    I really Just wanted to say thanks for the theme; Im using it for my site and also and help with a problem some are having with getting the theme to show in their admin panel.

  275. hi,

    first off, i love this theme! unfortunately, i’m having problems with the thumbnails. they’re coming out but the entry-preview ones are too big. i’ve already resized them to 60×60 and the big ones to 390×252 and still they don’t look right. am i missing something? also, my last entry is overlapping with the second one for some reason. you can see it here:

    thanks in advance!

  276. I still can´t find where to change de word “search”. In wich file I have to search?
    Could you help me?
    PD sorry for my english

  277. Hi,
    Great theme, but I’ve got a problem with it’s internationalization. I’m a newbie to wordpress development, by the way.
    For example I have such piece of code:

    _e( ‘Latest News’, ‘wpbx’ ) – it’s not working

    What is this ‘wpbx’ ? I’ve read in wp manual that it’s a domain of some sort. Where this domain comes from in this theme? What do I have to change to make this work ?

  278. at last! i solved the image problem thank u guys, no need to use “http://domainname” just paste “wp-content/uploads/2009/05/my0.gif”.

    one more thing i have upload the images in my images folder and i try all the recommended issue here but can’t be. Only when i upload my images directly from my computer and using the above path, this problem solved.

    Mr/Ms WordPress Premium is there anything can i do coz i only want 1 images folder in my server.

    Really great theme dude!!yiieehaaa.

  279. Incredible!!!

    Thanks for all the effort you put in making this free premium theme!

  280. Great Theme!!! Thanks for sharing for free !!!

    @Matiu: In order to translate the word Search to Buscar, you must look the function wpbx_mainsearch() into the file custom.js. This file is located in the folder /scripts of the Theme.

  281. I test this site on one of my test domains and it worked fine, but then I used it on my blog and it only shows the top half of the theme (meaning that everything below the slide show isn’t showing and the slide show is just grey with nothing in it.)

    It doesn’t make sense because I’m testing them both on the same main domain where I’m hosting my site (both sites are on sub domains.)

    I also disabled all plugins and upgraded to 2.7 with no luck at all.

    Thanks for such a great theme and please help me out.

    thanks again

  282. I accidentily disabled my contentglider, i can’t remember exactly what I removed in the code, I believe i was trying to remove the article description so You would only see the title and the preview…but now it does not show up anymore…can anyone help me?

  283. Love this theme. First one I’m found that I don’t have to do any tweaking to. My client loves it out of the box. Just one small question: Comments aren’t showing up on the pages, i.e., About. I have Allow Comments and Allow Pings checked in the admin. I noticed somewhere there was a comment bug corrected? Can’t find exactly where I read that, but I do believe I have your latest update. Thanks for any assistance.

  284. hello i can´t the problem with the link to “browse archives” i had read all the comments but i cant find the aswer to make it work!! someone Can help me?

  285. I love this theme! Thanks so much!!!!

  286. Hi cool theme, nice code and easy to setup. Not to mention it works like a charm.

    I did however find two glitches, not sure if they have been covered above .. but here goes. for what it’s worth.

    When on a single page:
    clicking on submit under the comment section, without entering a name, email or website url, present 3 different scenarios. In ie6, it will say: This page cannot be displayed. In ie7: 500 error, The website cannot display the page. And in Firefox: it works.

    I noticed there is a javascript call attached to the wp-comments file, is there a way to make this work > ?

    The transparency fix included gives weird tiling errors, and the logo has a red cross over it in ie6.

    That’s it, the rest is cool n kickass !

  287. I have to agree with the other posters on here — this is a fantastic theme, and several steps above any other themes I’ve seen out there. I used to use the Mimbo theme with its magazine-style layout, but they’ve recently changed it to be more of a blog theme. I was forced to search for themes again — and, like they say, in every problem there’s an opportunity. In this case, the opportunity to find this fantastic theme.

    Here is my site running it:

    Thanks again!

    – Maria

  288. First of all let me say what a beautiful theme this is.

    However, I am having trouble having the 2 other featured posts showing up. The first one added in automatically, however the other 2 will not show up. Do I have to add them in a PHP file like with the categories? Also will the slider only work when all 3 featured posts are present?

    Here is my site:

  289. Let me just say, great theme!

    However, I am having trouble with the contentglider and featured content section- The first featured page added in automatically, but the other 2 did not. Is there something specific I have to do to add in the other 2? Also, will the glider only work once all 3 posts are present?

    Here is my site:

  290. Reposted: mscott – comment no:120

    Is there any way to get the entry_preview images on the category pages to link to posts like they do on the home page?

    In other words, if you click an image under latest news you go to that post. On the category pages the link is not assigned to the images.

    Has this been resolved? I have the sma eproblem.


  291. Hello, please help me with Featured slideshow.

    When I set custom field in the story, it will view only header of page and featured slide show. When I custom field preview-big cleared, site works ok.

  292. Super cool!! Thank you for sharing.

  293. I have resolved most of my issues- it was a stupid plugin conflict that I should have seen coming.

    I do have one more question though- is it possible to have Pages in the featured content section instead of Posts?

    Thank you so much for this amazing theme.

  294. your social networking buttons on each post do not include facebook. Is there a way to use a service like shareit or addthis etc.?? How can I use that service or add to yours?? Can i remove yours?

  295. I also cannot get the view the archives link to work. I also want to change the heading in sidebar from Fashion Week. Can you please tell me how to change this? I tried modifiying the sidebar.php file but it did not change. where is that pulling from?

  296. Can I have posts on the homepage without an image. Instead of disaplying the Image Not available icon???

  297. I tried everything and read all the posts and still nothing.

    Can someone help tell me why i get an internal server error for the image path? The path to referecene the image is correct. I tried everything.

  298. I’m having SERIOUS PROBLEMS with the images.

    I have followed the instructions fully and my absolute paths are fine. I have checked. I just don’t understand what is going on.

    No images are showing whatsoever.

    I have changed permssions on my files to 777 and 775 to see if there is a difference… NOPE! :S

    Please help.

    I love the theme but if this doesn’t work soon I will have to look for a new theme.

  299. Hello,

    Thanks for the great theme. With the installation I got errors with the archive page. I have read many reply’s but not with an answer. The theme is installed on a clean wordpress website with not other pluggins.

  300. Found the answer with the problem of archive! Problem is that you must make a .htaccess file and put it in the directory.

  301. hello, thx for the theme… is it possible to make the ads space in this theme?

  302. one more question, i would like to know how to make my own logo that suit with this template… thx premium wp….

  303. last, sorry for question number 321… no need 2 answer, i use abp in my mozilla, and its make the ads space missing…

  304. Having a weird problem where new posts won’t show at all and I get a pop up that Says “No content exists on page 1. Loading 1st page instead” I deleted/ re-uploaded the theme and that was no fix. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  305. hello Premium WP,

    Now I am using your template but i have the problem with archives section, it can’t be browsed too.
    I have installed clean archive reloaded, but it’s not make any difference.

    What should i do if i want to change the blue background of thestars template to another background color like marco has?

    @marco, what should i do to change the background?
    thx for the response…

  306. @marco/premiumwp:
    could u tell me step by step how to make the photos appear? i have try to add preview-big & entry-preview in customfield… i upload the photos to wp-content>uploads but it won’t show up…

    sorry this n00b make you crazy..



  308. I have downloaded this theme three times and have uploaded it to four different sites. It isn’t show up on the dashboard (appearance –> themes…) but it is showing in the themes directory…

    Anyone else have this issue. I just find it odd that it isn’t showing up on any of the separate sites…

    I really would like to use this theme.

  309. hi Premiumwp

    I’m vietnamese,so i use this theme for my blog and write with vienamese.

    In this theme,if i writting vietnamese then have problerm with default font

    Can help me to change font in this theme,please ?


  310. I just love this theme!!!

    Thank you Premiumwp:-)

    I use the star theme on my norweigian site and I have one question:

    How do I translate for example “LATEST NEWS”, “Most viewed”, “ARCHIVES” and so on?

    Thanks in advance:-)

  311. I’m currently trying to upload this theme to my WordPress directory. I tried doing so via Dashboard>Appearance>Add New Themes. I also attempted by directly uploading it to my server, but I haven’t had any luck. Any thoughts?? THANKS!

  312. Hi Guys,

    Can I remove the copyright in the footer even when i make a donation?

    Thanks alot for your answer


  313. Hi guys,
    First excuse my English.

    Solve the problem of the thumbs page, I realized that the fields are written wrong in the tutorial is correct:

    Use in the news highlights:
    “preview-big” and “preview-entry”

    For the latest news to use:

    Sure it will work good luck guys.

  314. @newssweb We understand that sometimes it’s not convenient to leave the footer credit link in the theme. If you would like to remove the credit link, a donation of an amount you feel is reasonable would be appreciated. A Paypal donation link is included on the Stars release page above

  315. I solved the translation:-)

    Again -a wonderful theme!

  316. Hi guys
    I finally finished my site about hockey. The adress is:

    I have two questions:
    -Is possible to get automatically the first image of a post, into the entry_preview?

    -How can I get images into the custom fields (entry_preview) from an external server?

    Thanks and congratulations

  317. If you are going to use this theme and then go against our usage agreement and remove credit links, please don’t bother leaving a comment asking for help. That is really not cool.

  318. I have a new site and fresh install of wp 2.8.

    I uploaded the theme, activated all plugins but there is a problem with “popularity contest” plugin.
    It shows this –

    “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

    – when I try to activate it.

    What is the problem?

  319. I had the same popularity contest issue, the plugin is not supported in newever versions of WordPress.

    This website has fixed the issues.

    I am having the images issue. I can not get the thumbnails to work at all!

    I also am having trouble figuring out how to add PAGES to the nav bar as well as CATEGORIES. I need mostly categories with a couple of static pages.

    Any help with the images or the nav bar problems would be greatly appreciated.

  320. Will you please update this for 2.8.

    thanks a lot.

  321. Some of the problems you guys are talking about are right in the docs of the main WordPress site. Things like how to add pages and categories are right in the docs and shouldn’t really be asked here.

  322. Jessi,
    Is there any documentation on rank_page.php?

  323. Nevermind my comment on rank_page.php. I must have created that at some point and totally forgot. HAH!

  324. Hey Jessi,

    I apologize, I am relatively new to wordpress. I guess I will go and RTFM. 🙂

    I still am having the images issue, however

  325. Hey there this theme is beautiful!!! thank you for making it available! i do have a question though i would like to list a couple of local sites on the blogroll but i can’t find the code to change the link is there any way to do this?

    thank you

  326. @Alexander Abell,

    Hi I added PAGES manually. Here is my code:

    <li class="current-catcat-item"><a href="">

    Insert this code just above the

  327. I try to use this theme with a new blog on wordpress 2.8 and a receive this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_content_limit() in /home/storage/e/2a/97/vistapanoramica/public_html/litoral360graus/wp-content/themes/thestars/category.php on line 49

    And in line 49 this is in this way:

    49 line =

    Can you help me?

  328. Just started using this theme. Quite new to WP.
    How on earth do I get the theme to link to my flickr account so that the images show up?

  329. although free, this theme shoul be updated to WordPress 2.8

    thanks 🙂

  330. This theme works with WordPress 2.8

  331. I am still unable to get the images to work, any help would be so so so graciously appreciated.

  332. hi,

    thank for this brilliant wonderful theme!

    However, the autorotate function of the featured content glider seems not working. even in the demo site, it is not changing to the next news automatically. anybody wanna share how can we fix this..?

  333. thumbnail function doesn’t work in wordpress MU because timthumb does not work in mu. 🙁

    does anybody have a solution? still googling.

  334. Quick question, how can I make the image in the content glider clickable and is there a way to make the glider move on a timed basis?

    Thank you for your help!

  335. HI There

    I’ve just downloaded this fantastic theme – on wordpress 2.8.2 but there is a problem with a file not being copied across

    this is the error message:

    Could not copy file /public_html/wp-content/upgrade/TheStarsTheme/TheStarsTheme/plugins/clean-archives-reloaded.php

    any ideas guys?

  336. Hi everybody,

    First, I want to give thanks for this theme. I’m using it on my website and I can only say that it’s the best theme I saw in a long time.

    But I have a problem with the accents. My site is in spanish and although all the post are fine, the texts related to the template are shown without accents (the category titles, for exemple). Appears a question mark instead the accent or the “Ñ” character.

    How can I fix this?

  337. Hi,
    I’m loving the template, but would like to swap out the placeholder image ads with AdSense ads.

    I installed Advertising Manager widget, but can’t figure out how to replace the stock ads with AdSense or this Advertising Manager widgets.

    Anyhelp, greatly appreciated.

  338. Hi,

    I want to first thank you for this wonderful theme. Thanks!

    Now, to my little issue:

    It’s about the function wpbx_cats_meow($glue)

    What can I do so that this function does not output a certain category ID?
    Because I have a category, called Highlights, that is used for the front page featured slider. And if I go to the category archive page, this redundant function also shows “Also in: Highlights, Trips[…]”

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again PremiumWP!

  339. i cant believe that this great themes is free!

    great job!

    thnx a lot 😀

  340. Thanks for nice theme! We’ll use on our fashion site 🙂

  341. hi guys – thank you so much for this fantastic theme – it’s made it possible for me to publishy my website without neding to pay a developer!

    opne query – i am following all instructions to create the archives page – and in the preview it is showing up- but not on the live site?

    any answers?

    help would be greatly appreciated!


  342. has what I’m looking for in my menu bar…that is I’d like one line for the pages, and for them to still function multi-level dropdown, and another line for the categories.

    I have tinkerered with it a bit myself and can’t get it. Mall, are you around and can share how you did it? Or someone else? I imagine it’s not difficult, it is probably staring at me in the face!

  343. Hi all,

    Firstly i really want to say this is a fantastic theme and i love it very much.

    However I still can’t get the images up on featured. I’ve followed the instructions and changed the permissions to 777. In the custom fields i typed in preview-big and values: /wp-content/uploads/2009/02/image.jpg.
    Your help is much appreciated.

    Here’s my site:

  344. I love the theme. It’s wonderful!

    Do you have a plugin for SEO that you would recommend to use with this theme? I’m looking to be able to add meta tags per page and possibly keywords – esp for the homepage.


  345. wonderful theme. recently i was intending to make a blog for indian fashion trends, i’ll keep this theme in mind when i start!

  346. where would i out the ads in the admin area is there a certain thing i have to do?

  347. I am trying out the template and am having the HUGEST amount of trouble navigating the CSS rule sheet. I am trying to change the color for the sidebar tables, (i.e. make the white table that houses the fashion week widget, to turn pink.) I would also like to make the dividers that separate sections on the home page turn another color. Anyone know which lines in the CSS are responsible for those?

  348. Hi,

    Thanks for the awesome template, this ROCKS! Love the interface.
    However I am having the following issues:

    1) LATEST NEWS – is not populating all posts, only one shows and the picture disappears at times (house construction picture) – shows only “Mission and Vision »” section

    2) None of the images with post headline populated in the HOME top left display section 🙁

    There are two custom fields used for all post’s thumbnail images
    Custom Fields Keys
    1. “preview-big” is for the Featured Category thumbnails
    2. “entry-preview” for all other category thumbnails

    the exact pixel dimensions of the thumbnail images are 390×252
    for the featured section thumbs and 258×110 for the smaller thumbs.

    In order to get thumbnail images to appear on the homepage, a custom field image needs to be added to each post. Towards the bottom of the post editor page in your WordPress dashboard is an Advanced Option called Custom Fields. What you need to do is open that section up, and create a new key (listed above) as well as include the image
    source for each image you want to show.”

    3) Nothing shows in the right sidebar ARCHIVES section 🙁

    I have PHP, WordPress Hosting via GoDaddy – surely can share the admin as this is Non-profit and philanthropic venture.

    I am on a deadline and sure could use your help. Thanks a lot for taking the time to bail me out!

    Best Regards,

  349. Hi,

    First, sorry for my bad english, i’m french 😉
    I would like to know how is possible to translate this awesome theme ?
    Is there a .mo file ?

    Thank you for your answer and for your good work 😉

  350. he
    thanks for the great theme, looks really nice
    i am kind of new with wordpress, so it might be useless questions, but still i m having trouble with it..

    i installed wp 2.8.2 and i have the theme up and running now.

    but in the admin i can not open the icon for adding a image to a post (not in ff or in ie)

    The great rotator on the home , where it shows the three (flashy) posts , how do i add images to that ?

    Is there a bigger instruction file to this theme ?

    Thanks a lot !!


  351. Nobody for my question ? Please 😉

  352. Images & Excerpt are not loading in the Home page:

    Error Message: No Content Exists on page 1! Loading 1st page instead

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance

  353. Hi, I’m working on a site and need to make a few modifications to the index page theme and the sidebar. I can’t show the link yet because it is in maintenance mode.

    I need to add a one column text/html box at the bottom of the theme, after the sidebar, but before the header which will include a company bio.

    I have also been asked to include a “wellness tip of the day” widget (not a wp widget). Unfortunately, the widget doesn’t fit neatly in the sidebar (surprise). The embed code given with it can’t be edited to change the size. I’m just looking for thoughts on how best to address that one – I don’t really want to split the side bar into two, because I’d still have to adjust the sidebar and main content area width to make it fit.

    Ideas? Love the theme btw.

  354. I fixed the sidebar column and edited the widths of the glider and category contents accordingly. That issue is resolved.

    However, I still need to add an entire column below the categories/more news. I’m not asking to simply add another one of the excerpted categories blocks – I know how to do that. Rather, a separate area.

    I need to add a one column text/html box at the bottom of the theme, after the sidebar, but before the header which will include a company bio.

  355. Please Note: If you use this free theme but go against our reasonable usage agreement and remove the credit link, then have the audacity to try leaving a comment here asking for help. Please don’t bother!

  356. I use your theme. It doing great, though. But I need help to make this perfect.
    1. Menu. How can I order the menu in my own order, not in alphabetical.
    2. author and category pages. How can I set category page to show more than 3 posts. I saw in the demo, it’s more than 3…

    Thank you for your answer.

  357. Hello again, I’ve solved the problem. In menu, I set orderID to count, and in category page, finally I find that you read our wordpress setting. So by setting reading count, everything is solved. Another problem waiting, why my archive is not working, while Ive install and activate the plugin as well as writing in archive page. It run in my localhost, though (if you suspect I can’t set it up)

  358. Cosmin, Part of the rules in using the theme is that you must have credit Premium WordPress Themes and link it to the site.

  359. Amazing theme. Works like a charm.
    Is there an easy way to have my pages lined up at the place where the search, subscribe and bookmark link is located? I would like them there.

    It is a inline but of course i need to place the tags for pages there to.


  360. It was this site that has the pagelinks in the header.



  361. Hi!

    I don’t speak english very well, but i hope that you know what I mean. I’ve download your theme (I likt it!) but I can’t activate it. Wordress said it has no template. What can I do?

  362. Uh.. I made a mistake, It has a template, but is hasn’t a stylesheet. excuse me…

  363. why is there a weird character in my post?

    it is in the front page where it said:

    content AKPC_IDS += “18,”;Popularity: unranked [?] …

    whats a AKPC_IDS?

    The web is in my name link

  364. oh yea…and the picture wont come out 🙁
    please help

  365. Hi,

    Can anyone help me please with the archive page pls? I followed the instructions but it keeps saying page not found. Any idea how to fix this?

    Secondly, I cannot print the articles. When clicking on the print icon, it again says page not found.



  366. Could somebody please help me? I’ve been using this theme now for a couple of months and I think it’s excellent – far too good to be free imo.

    But there’s one problem with it that I cannot seem to find a fix to anywhere. If you view the source code of ANY of the pages of my site there are duplicate titles for every plugin I have.

    I’ve tested all of the plugins to see if one of those was the cause but deactivating them made no difference so I guess it’s the code, could somebody please help?


  367. Hi mates,

    i´m using the Widget Logic plugin to control the pages that a widget will appear on.

    Now i´m trying to show a widget just on the Home-Page, using the tag “is_home()”. Unfortunately, this doesnt work. “is_front_page()” is not working, too!

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

  368. Additional information to post 388: it works with the standard template… :S

  369. LOVE THE THEME! It works JUST as described, just as instructed. I honestly have not had to do anything differently than described in the instructions.

    I would like to know, or suggest, how to make each of the featured content title permalinks link to their respective posts (like the main featured article does). I’ve seen this question referenced in other comment posts above (I read them all), but I didn’t see an answer, and haven’t seen any other sites doing it.

    Any thoughts?

    Again, love the theme. Our site is going live in a few minutes with it!

  370. Yeah, that doesn’t work (see post above). I don’t know why though. It makes the permalink show in your browser bar when you hover over it, or even click it, but it doesn’t actually GO there. Puzzled.

    And, if you’re reading that post above, not all of the code I was pasting in came through.

  371. Hi, I am facing this problem

    Warning: file(/home/inbollyw/public_html/wp-content/themes/TheStarsTheme/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/inbollyw/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/inbollyw/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    any one please tell me what should i do?

  372. Just so that noone gets mad at me I did try to have the Premium WordPress show up in the bottom, but with the changing of the colors it dissappears. If you can tell me how to have it reappear then I will do it. I ended up just typing it in because when it is there as a link it won’t show up. The link is still there right next to it.

    So to my issue. The top drop down category menu doesn’t work when I have more than one line of categories. When I do the drop down categories it blends with the lower categories, and then one you try to go down to the categories it switches to that category. It looks like @themall might have found a solution to this. It’s pretty hard to explain but if you go to my site at you will see what I’m saying.

    Thanks any help would be appreciated!

  373. I’m also getting this message on a 2.8.4 install:

    Warning: [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/(site)/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/(site)/public_html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Any suggestions?

  374. Hey. Thanks for this great theme. I’ve been using it for 5 months.
    Just a small question.

    I don’t want to use content glider and the rest of home page. Instead I just wanna see my recent blog posts just like a regular theme has.

    Can anyone help me please? I’m not really good at php and css..

  375. I will try this one also and I believe that my visitors will love it

  376. I am receiving the same error several others have posted:
    Unpacking the package.
    Installing the theme.
    Theme Installed successfully.

    Warning: file(/home/content/c/e/c/cece81/html/wp-content/themes/TheStarsTheme/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/c/e/c/cece81/html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/content/c/e/c/cece81/html/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    I am using the most current version of WP – 2.8.4.

    Anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?

  377. Hey. I tried what explained above (cf. readme.txt).

    $headline_cat = 43;
    $front_cat_list = “38,66,43”;

    Each post from cat 43 have 2 custom fields :

    1. “preview-big”
    2. “entry-preview”

    The pass for images is : /wp-content/uploads/2009/08/OFFRE CONSEIL.jpg

    It-s still blank…

    Please Help !

  378. I love the template, but I can’t get the featured to work. I put the following code in the home, and made a category named Featured. In this category I made 3 posts, but only the last is showing! I have got the image to work (didn’t upload it, just linked it from the web), but now the gadget that shifts through the three featured doesn’t work! What should I do??

    have_posts()) : $headline->the_post(); ?>

  379. php $headline = new WP_Query(‘cat=’.$Featured.’&showposts=3′); while($headline->have_posts()) : $headline->the_post(); ?

    I meant this code… 🙂 it didn’t quite make it all!

  380. Features still blank….

    Hey. I tried what explained above (cf. readme.txt).

    $headline_cat = 43;
    $front_cat_list = “38,66,43″;

    Each post from cat 43 have 2 custom fields :

    1. “preview-big”
    2. “entry-preview”

    The pass for images is : /wp-content/uploads/2009/08/OFFRE CONSEIL.jpg

    It-s still blank…

    Please Help !

  381. Thanks for sharing this great thème.
    Any news about the search function error (post 183) ?

  382. For all those having thumbnail issues, it may have something to do with your host. If you’re with hostgator, you will have to open a ticket in order that they add an exception to allow the timthumb script to be executed.

  383. Hi Craig, do you know what my problem could be? I did update all available plugins, maybe that is the problem?

  384. I love this theme. Almost done but I have some questions. Hope someone can help:

    1- How can I change the order of the side widgets on the homepage?
    2- How can I add facebook and twitter integration for my users to post my articles?
    3- Currently if someone shares an article via email it only allows to send one article every 10 mins. Is there any way to change that?
    4- I want to move the “pages” “about, contact us” to the top nav bar where search is.

    I will highly appreciate help on this. Thanks a lot and waiting for the apid version of this awesome theme.

  385. Url :

    i can not figure out why my posts are not showing up in my feature part on the top. i have one picture showing up and the other ones wont. I have everything the same and nothing shows up there.

    Any help would be awesome please and thanks !

  386. A quick update to let you know the paid version of this theme is almost ready for release. It will include some new features and colour styles, be much easier to use and have a far greater amount of control thanks to a new backend control panel. The paid version will also come with support.

    If you could like to know when the new version is released subscribe to PremiumWP updates via, RSS, email or Twitter at the top of this page.

    @Rodrigo – the new version will take care of all those issues

  387. @PremiumWP – very excited to hear a paid version of the theme is almost ready. I can’t wait to upgrade to it!

  388. PremiumWP: will there be an easy way to integrate adsense and statistics with each individual post (and on the home ofcourse)? That would really be the icing on the cake, if I am concerned!

  389. Excited about the paid version. Been waiting months for it and it’ll be worth it!

  390. @PremiumWP Will there be an option or instructions to disable Timthumb, please say yes. Thanks!

  391. Hello, just wanted to say this is a fantastic theme and i plan on using it on my site. Thanks a lot!

  392. Hi ,

    regarding Paid version , will we still have to manually add custom fields for images or a possible option to read the image for an image in the post?

    I have used a theme at which does this..


  393. the comments don’t appear . help me

  394. A window appears when I access my site, saying :No content exists at page 1! Loading 1st page instead

    Also, I lost those nice presets from the sidebar when I added the first widget from wordpress widgets.

    GD library – do I have to install this? …or is it provided by host service?

    If someone has the time to reply, please do so.


  395. It’s working! It took me about 48 hours to figure it out, but it was worth it.
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful theme.

  396. To answer a couple of the questions about the paid version of the theme.
    – There will be an easy way to add your analytics and tracking codes in the theme via the backend control panel
    – You will no longer have to manually add custom fields for thumbnails. The theme will automatically take the image in the post and create thumbnails. You can also over-ride this automatic option with custom fields if so desired.
    – You will be able to easily manage banner or adsense advertising via the control panel.
    – A backend control panel will add a far greater amount of control for setting up and managing the site including categories on the homepage, navigation menu items, advertising etc
    – The theme will include a number of different colour schemes

    We are working hard to finalize the theme so we can release Version 1.0

  397. Featured Content glider jquery Conflict with plugins in

    Need help or assistants!


  398. Today is Oct.6th can you please let me know when the paid version will be ready…can I up load videos if I want??



  399. Really nice theme. It’s a bummer that I already bought a premium theme before I found this theme. Anyway, I’m still looking forward to the paid version. I hope it’s not so expensive. 😀

  400. Expect the paid version to be released within the next 2 weeks.

  401. Hi all,

    today i found a nice hint in a wordpress-forum. You can use this code in functions.php-file to fill out the custom fields with the url of the first image of an article:

    function pz_insert_post( $post_ID, $post ) {
    $content = apply_filters( ‘the_content’, $post->post_content );
    if( preg_match( ‘//i’, $content, $matches ) )
    update_post_meta( $post_ID, ‘entry-preview’, $matches[1] );
    update_post_meta( $post_ID, ‘preview-big’, $matches[1] );

    add_action( ‘wp_insert_post’, ‘pz_insert_post’, 10, 2 );

    Have fun 🙂

  402. @PremiumWP We already have the free theme and are still on WordPress 2.7. Will it be safe to upgrade to the premium theme when it launches and then upgrade to 2.8.4? Or would you recommend upgrading to 2.8.4 first and then upgrading the theme?

    When upgrading the theme, do we have to set all the category and other settings again? Or will it pull the current theme’s settings?

    Have you heard of any difficulties with the current free theme if we upgrade from 2.7 to 2.8.4?

    I look forward to purchasing the paid version the day it releases!! Thank you!

  403. Trina: The current theme will work with the latest version of WordPress. However I dont know about the plugins.

    The premium (paid) version will not pull the settings from the current theme and is recommened for WordPress 2.8+, but it has a theme options panel to take care of all the settings, so can set up again quickly and easily. Also no plugins are required in the premium version for it to work properly, unlike the free version.

  404. Here is a sneak peak of one of the colour schemes included with the new premium version

    What other colour schemes would you like to see included in the premium version? You are welcome to inlcude links to examples of cool colour schemes you would like to have.

  405. Hello. this is awesome, beautiful theme!!
    Thank you very much!

    I have a question,
    I can hide a auther part on every posts?

  406. I think a hot pink would look good…I would like the same colors as thats the perfect look and colors for a celebrity gossip blog…can’t wait to see…

    I’m waiting to buy it….


  407. If I can get that look with the colors and layout like I would pay twice as much….I’m really serious, I’ve been looking for months for the perfect look and I found it at the gossip center …I think its possible to make some color and side bar changes of The Stars to look like it, what do you think??

    If not can someone refer to me anything close to the look ??



  408. I can add tags using Quick Edit but not in the Post Tags section in Edit Post. When I replace the default “Add new tag” with the tag(s) I want and then Update Post, the newly entered tag(s) don’t remain.

  409. Can I be added to an email list for when this theme becomes premium and purchasable?

  410. Hello Premium

    I have read through this whole post and tried every single possible solution for the timthumb not showing up.

    I know it is annoying to answer the same question over and over again and it could be something small.

    I used this template because it was free, but i would like to paying $30.00 if someone can help me out and make the site to work.

    Please email me or reply back.

  411. Hello,

    I have a problem with the main menu.

    When i browse to the frontpage (home) in the title there is showing the name of a category.
    At the moment “US TV” instead of Home.

    Why is that happen and hou can i fix this?

    Can you help me?

    Thank you very much.


  412. Hi,

    I have been waiting to see the new The star theme and I am ready to buy it.
    Just wondering when will it be released?

    Plz, let me know when the new version is released!


    Ladaneey Magazine

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