Plugin Submission

If you’re a plugin developer please submit your WordPress plugin to the Plugin Directory.

Submission Guidelines

  • This is a directory of premium (commercial) plugins, therefore some aspect of your plugin must have a cost to users. This could mean the core plugin itself has a price, there is a “Pro” version, it has paid add-ons / extensions available, or a subscription is required. If you have a free and “Pro” version, submit the Pro version. If your plugin has paid add-ons, list the base plugin and describe the ‘premium’ add-ons available for the plugin. The main focus of the submission needs to be the ‘premium’ paid features of the plugin.
  • Describe the plugin and what it does as extensively as possible. Explain and the uses / applications of the plugin as well as the key features and benefits. This must be original content, and not a copy & paste of content from your website or elsewhere. A plugin listing with original content and detailed description will attract more search traffic, resulting in more referral traffic and sales for you. There is no fee to submit your plugin to the directory so we thank you for taking the time and the effort to provide unique written content in the listing. Give us content and we’ll give you exposure. It’s as simple as that.
  • Your plugin must be 100% GPL compatible.

Complete this form to submit your WordPress plugin

  • The link to the plugin page/website
  • Tell us about the plugin and what it does. Explain the uses / applications of the plugin and list the key features and benefits. Must be original content and not a copy & paste from your own website.