10+ Best Pinterest-Like WordPress Themes


This collection of 10+ awesome Pinterest WordPress themes will help you create a nice Pinterest style website with WordPress in no time. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks online, with a visually-pleasing “virtual pinboard” interface, that allows users to collect, organize and share their favourite images, videos and objects they find online.

If you’re looking for a Pinterest clone template or just want to create your own website with a Pinterest style design and features, such as infinite scroll and a fluid grid structure, the 10+ premium WordPress themes below are great options.

[Updated: 5 June, 2014]

PinsPro WordPress Theme

PinsPro is a cool pin board style drag and drop WordPress theme inspired by Pinterest. The premium theme from PageLines is ideal for websites showcasing fashion, trends, design and other graphic heavy content. PinsPro is a stand-alone WordPress theme powered by the cutting edge PageLines DMS Framework. This means it gets the drag and drop functionality and all the other great features of PageLines DMS as well as a bunch of other features and sections.

Some of the key features of the PinsPro theme include: a mobile responsive design (looks great on any device and screen size), auto stacking layout (uses the Masonry framework to dynamically arrange the pins), infinite scroll (posts load automatically when you reach the bottom of the page), a customisable scroll slider, PostPins (allows you to choose between lazy loading posts or allowing your visitors to grab posts via a button), PinBlog (allows you to display your latest posts in style with social, like and comments buttons), special ecommerce / shop styling, gallery sections, and all the other great functionality and features of the DMS Framework.

Price: $99
Demo & Release Page | Download

Pintores WordPress Theme

Pintores is a Pinterest like WordPress theme that allows you to share all sorts of media as well as blog in style. The premium theme from cssigniter has a fully responsive design that adapts for mobile visitors. It supports post formats allowing you to post music tracks, videos, images, photo galleries, quotes, links as well as normal posts. Other features include built-in favourites marking, numerous shortcodes, 5 colour options, powerful theme options panel and more.

Price: $39 (unlimited access to all CSSigniter themes)
Demo & Release Page | Download


Pinboard is a Pinterest like WordPress theme from Themify. The premium theme has a responsive design and auto stacking layout so it looks great on any device and screen size. It has infinite scroll, with posts loading automatically when you reach the bottom of the page, or an option for traditional page number navigation. You can use Pinboard to publish various types of media images, videos, galleries, lightbox content such as image zoom, video popup or iframe window. The extensive media support allows you to use it as a blog, portfolio, gallery, or video site. Other features include 3 grid layout options (small, medium and large), author avatar picture, 7 theme skins, theme options panel and more.

Themify have released Pinboard version 2. The new version now includes multisite integration and social sharing features. It allows you to setup your site as a multisite that enables users to sign up and publish posts on your site – so you can create a website just like Pinterest. The Pinboard multisite feature means users can register on your site to create their own micro sites. When posts are published on the micro sites of your network, they are then synched to also show on your main site. Working just like Pinterest. Some of the other new features include custom signup and login forms, social sharing buttons with counters, lightbox popup option and more.

Price: $39
Demo & Release Page | Download

Pinspired WordPress Theme

Pinspired is a lovely Pinterest style WordPress theme from Restored 316 Designs that runs on the Genesis Framework. The theme has a minimalist white design that allows you to show off all your posts in a pinterest-like format along with a “like” button for people to like your posts. The theme has a responsive design that will automatically adapt to look great on all mobile devices. Some of the other key features of the theme include: 7 colour scheme options, 3 layout options, styled social sharing icons, widget areas below posts for ads or subscription access, custom background and logo, HTML5 markup and all the other features and benefits of the Genesis Framework.

Price: $50
Demo & Release Page | Download


A beautiful Pinterest like WordPress theme from CSSIgniter. The premium theme has a mobile responsive design with infinite scroll and supports multiple entry formats like Blog Posts, Images, Photo Galleries, Videos and Quotes in a very cool way. The theme has a favourites feature that lets users mark their favourite posts, shortcodes, and inbuilt audio player to share audio tracks, theme options panel and more.

Price: CSSIgniter Membership: $39 (unlimited access to all themes)
Demo & Release Page | Download

The Style

A multi-purpose premium WordPress theme from Elegant Themes with a crisp, modern design with a big visual impact. The theme has a fluid width design layout, 5 unique colour schemes, optional traditional blog style structure, advanced theme options panel, large shortcodes collection and more.

The Style Premium WordPress Theme
Price: $69
Demo & Release Page | Download

Folio Grid

Folio Grid is a clean and minimalist WordPress theme with fluid grid layout from FrogsThemes. The theme is designed for portfolio websites but its flexibility allows it to be used for much more. Features include a fluid grid based layout with infinite scroll, custom page / post templates, custom options panel, easy video embedding, automatic image and video resizing and much more.

folio grid wordpress theme
Price: $48
Demo & Release Page | Download


A unique grid design premium WordPress theme for the RichWP Theme Framework from RichWP. The multi-purpose grid layout theme design could be used for design blogs, fashion, travel, architecture websites or anything else you can imagine. The Rich Grid theme features an endless scrolling homepage that displays 3 different post types (gallery post, status update and normal post). The core RichWP framework features an extensive design editor and comprehensive settings panel plus lots more.

RichGrid Premium WordPress Theme
Price: RichGrid Theme + RichWP Framework: $127
Demo & Release Page | Download

Video Grid

A video and multimedia WordPress theme from Theme Fuse with a responsive grid layout. Designed to showcase all types of media files, the premium theme has a slick and modern design. Features include a creative sort filter with animations for filtering and sorting items, light and dark colour schemes, various page layouts, shortcodes and more.

Video & Media WordPress Theme
Price: $49
Demo & Release Page | Download

iPin Pro – Pinterest Clone WordPress Theme

iPin Pro is a Pinterest clone WordPress theme that gives you the same look and feel as well as the social functionality of Pinterest. With iPin Pro you can create your own Pinterest style social network. Unlike most other Pinterest WordPress themes this theme includes social functionality for a real Pinterest clone website. Users can log in via Facebook or Twitter, create boards and upload their pins from the web or from their computer. Users can also like and repin other pins, follow boards and other users, and there is a “Pin It” button for easy pinning up pictures, or videos. Each user has a settings page, user profile and options for email notification for likes, repins, follows comments etc. In terms of the design the iPin Pro theme has a fully responsive design with Masonry + Infinite Scroll effects just like Pinterest. It’s built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework with Font Awesome. It has a custom login and registration page. You can display popular posts based on likes, repins or comments and is also ad ready with options to display ads in various locations throughout the website.

Pinterest Clone WordPress Theme
Price: $125
Demo & Release Page | Download

Pinshop WordPress Theme

Pinshop is a Pinterest inspired responsive ecommerce WordPress theme from Themify. The fantastic looking premium theme combines the best elements of Pinterest and a traditional ecommerce website to provide a unique shopping website with a great user experience. The products load infinitely as you scroll down the page and buyers can view all products without having to navigate through multiple pages. The theme has a responsive design so all your products are displayed nicely in stacking order, and when the page is resized or viewed on a iPad, iPhone or other mobile device will automatically adjust and reposition the products for a great viewing and buying experience. Pinshop uses the popular and powerful WooCommerce plugin for ecommerce functionality. It has a fixed top bar and shopping cart for easy navigation, and the ajax shopping cart allows items to be added directly to the shopping cart without having to go to individual product pages. Briefly some of the other features include: customisable shop pages, featured slider, various list and grid view layout options, 10 colour skins, theme options and more.

Pinterest Inspired Ecommerce WordPress Theme
Price: $39
Demo & Release Page | Download

Modern Grid WordPress Theme

Modern Grid is a responsive  WordPress theme with a Pinterest like grid design built for blogging. The premium theme from RichWP could be used for any type of website but would be perfect for sites about interior design, travel, glamour and fashion, lifestyle, entertainment news or similar topics.

Modern Grid Premium WordPress Theme
Price: $69.95
Demo & Release Page | Download

Pinable WordPress Theme

Pinable is a Pinterest style WordPress theme from Theme Junkie with a design heavily inspired by Pinterest and Behance. The versatile theme could be used for a creative / design website, personal blog, portfolio, video blog, gallery, or an online magazine. The size (width) of the post boxes can be easily adjusted in the backend options panel. Pinable supports various post formats (audio, video, gallery, quote, link, etc). Some of the other features include: a responsive design, built-in post view counter and like it counter, support for any type of video, post gallery, shortcodes, custom page templates, theme options panel and more.

Price: $49
Demo & Release Page | Download

25 Responses to “10+ Best Pinterest-Like WordPress Themes”

  1. #jojo

    nice share!finally i saw some different prinerest-like themes such as o2 and richgrid other than some stuff i have seen on other sites

  2. #Kairey

    Great List..

    You might want to include this one as wellits amazing..and i just downloaded this…

  3. #Brad

    You can find a free Pinterest style WordPress theme called PinStrap over at bragthemes.com

  4. #acesweb

    What amazes me is all the companies who dont understand that wordpress is under GNU/GPL and that they cant make anything that is hooking into wordpress private and change the license to suit themselves.

  5. #PremiumWP

    @ acesweb what companies are you referring to?

  6. #kelly

    Good collection! The best I found seems to be Pinsumo but that requires the Genesis framework.

  7. #Asli

    Thank you! But my sugesttion; do not try PinPress :/ I bought it. And its really waste of time & money. Try something cheaper. They cheated me!

  8. #Joshua

    Consider Pinclone also. It has amazing features for only some dollars :-)

  9. #Wparena

    very nice, thinking to use for new project one of them

  10. #Encontralo Gratis

    These are great themes overall, but please identify which themes use posts and which ones allow the use of static pages.

  11. #Joe

    A Pinterest clone that allows multiple users to pin photos, create boards, follow other users. Check it out

  12. #Engy

    i love iPin pro theme, i will buy it as soon as possible, Thanks for your post.

  13. #Sitescape

    I really like these themes. More of my clients are asking for themes that have the looks of social media and their other favorite sites. Right now I think I have a client that would love The Style.

    Thanks for this post and good selection of themes.

  14. #brenda eichhorn

    can I have customers sign in using my site, facebook or twitter with this theme.Can my customers upload their own products to sell?

  15. #JBP

    Does anybody have opinions on which of these offers the best registered user experience?

  16. #Odessa Marshall

    Thanks for your share. But they’re selling theme. Can you provide a free theme like above ? Thanks you !

  17. #PremiumWP

    @ Odessa Marshall – No, but if you find a free pinterest WordPress theme do let us know.

  18. #Randell

    This was a great post, Before i came to this blog i was looking for themes that look just like the wordpress dot org theme ror similar i didn’t want the same, i gave up on that search after about 1 and half hours and started to look for pinterest looking themes, and would you believe when i get to your site you have a wordpress dot org look a like theme, i so want your theme so bad, great design well done where can i buy it from.

    Either way a great post and more so great blog and design i’ll keep looking for that perfect theme and not settle now.

    P.s if you know where i could get a copy of your theme or something very much like it please Email me.

    subject : wordpress look a like theme.

  19. #PremiumWP

    @Randell the PremiumWP theme is custom built. Its not available for purchase.

  20. #Anna Moss

    Unfortunately there is even more controversy in the pinterest clone business. Just search google for “ipin pro” “pinclone” dmca and you’ll see both of them claiming that the other has stolen the theme and is reselling it.

  21. #Stuart

    Great Collection! I wonder if it’s still in pinterest format per category search.

  22. #porselen diş fiyatları

    Great job, exactly what I was searching for!

    Is it possible to include user-login, -upload, -like, -comment, -gallery, -repin function with plugins and some (favorably) minor customizing or do you need a script like the Joomla one from apptha?

    Thanks in advance

  23. #Ravi


    Would love to know which of these are woocommerce-friendly to allow e-commerce. I am looking at using this as a merchandise shop where we will have several product categories that we would like to put up as part of the top menu (preferably fixed position). Would like complete control over the configuration of products as posts and also the single product page, where we want to display options like colour picker, size selector (not dropdowns) and also have a section for designer credentials.

    And yes, mutli-format support since some of our products would need a video, if not GIF.

    Appreciate any advice on this topic.


  24. #PremiumWP

    @Ravi as stated above the Pinshop theme is WooCommerce ready. However you can integrate WooCommerce into any theme with a bit of work.

  25. #Dave

    Thanks for a complete list of themes. I was looking for some good pinterest wordpress themes and everywhere is same themes except this post.

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