How to Check if your WordPress Site is Secure and Keep it Safe

It is important to regularly check that your website is secure, and implement strategies to keep it safe. Hackers and viruses can easily break a site, resulting in visitors and revenue being lost. So how can you secure your WordPress website? In this article we look at a variety of tips to secure your WordPress

How To Ensure Your WordPress Website is Secure

Freshly brewed coffee (or tea) is, for many of us, the preferred way to start the day. Waking up to discover that your WordPress website has been hacked by a malicious individual hell-bent on disrupting your business, is not. The statistics around WordPress are at once impressive and scary. Being the world’s largest CMS means

Securing WordPress with Two-Factor Authentication

For many who make their living online, the idea that a malicious individual could gain access to the administration area of their site is a nightmare. WordPress and the software stack that supports it is generally quite a secure platform. If administrators follow simple security procedures, like keeping the software up-to-date, and not installing unverified